The Astor's Cabin

Rachel Boland

Mar 10, 2000
Sturgis, Michigan
It lists on ET that there were on "C" Deck, when in a newspaper account of the sinking given my Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Bishop, Mrs. Bishop states...

"...Because the Astors' stateroom was close to ours, we had considerable to do with them on the voyage and I disliked to leave them on deck."

Now, it lists the Bishops as having a stateroom on "B" Deck. This would put the Astors' on "B" Deck not "C" Deck.
Dec 13, 1999
Hello Rachel, if you check on plans, you will see that the Astors suite, number 62 on C-deck, is not so far from Dickinson and Helen Bishop's cabin (B-49). The Bishops had just to descend a flight of stairs and they were practically next to the Astors. Mr and Mrs Bishop cabin number was included in the assignment list recovered on steward Cave body. As for the Astors, their suite is mentioned in Charles A. Haas and John P. Eaton 'Triumph & Tragedy', a very good book. Hope I helped.


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