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im new to the site so havent read every thread yet, so dont know if this has ben discussed already.Im sure i read somewhere that the baker, seem holding the railings and going down with the ship ,in the film Titanic, actually happened.He is seen in the scene where the ship takes its final dive.Not sure if this is correct or not.Apparently he survived? Can anyone enlighten me on this ? i have a small wager on this.

From one Paul to another,
thanx for that.I remember him being depicted in the film "A night to remember" I guess that portrayed him better than clinging to the railings at the stern of the Titanic.If his address, Leighton road, is correct it is but a 5 minute walk from where i live.Eerie.


Paul Rogers

Hi there Paul.

There's been discussions on this board to the effect that Joughin may not have been as drunk (or drunk at all) as he was depicted in ANTR. So perhaps that portrayal wasn't as accurate as it could have been...

Interesting about Leighton Road. What's his old house looking like these days? (Does it even exist still?)

Hi paul
All the houses, along Leighton rd, are in good repair.No wartime damage.It dosent say what number he lived at in his profile.They are mainly largeish semi detatched houses.


Paul Rogers

Thanks for that, Paul.

Mmm, assuming that he did live in one of those large-ish semi-detached houses, I wonder how, as a chief baker, he could afford to live there... Perhaps he was renting part of it. Or perhaps it was passed down from family, (although this has only become a trend in the UK in recent years of course).

If only I still had a contact within the Land Registry!

Hi Paul,
im assuming that Elmhurst was the name of the house.There are no other Leighton roads in Southampton.I will have to take a walk down there and see if any still us the same name.It would have been nice to know the number then i, maybe could have spoken to the present owners.



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Your best chances are to check the Kelly's Dictionary of Southampton for the year 1911. Most are obtainable at the local Library at the Civic Centre.

If Joughlin was living in rented accommodation then this level of research could prove to be extremely difficult. I will give you one perfect example to support this case, the name I'm focusing directly upon is to do with Arthur Lewis.

If you look carefully at Lewis's biography your notice he is listed on the Titanic's Crew Manifest, as giving his address at Number 99, Radcliffe Road, Northam, Southampton.

Directly opposite my late grandfather lived at Number 100, Radcliffe Road. He could always remember Lewis as a quiet man who went about his oridinary business not bothering a soul in mind. Long before the Lewis's moved to the Innner Avenue in Southampton, he and his wife Vi Lewis were both renting rooms at Number 99 which was owned then, by Mrs Phillips.

It wasn't until I turned my attention with my Uncle Alf, who put me very much in the picture of what really happened during that frantic time back in 1912, I soon learnt that most of my problems could have sovlved many years beforehand.

This is just one episcode of the Titanic's Crew, there are many more challegnes to take on board, but saying that, I strongly advise you to check the Kelly's first. Failing that of course, then you chances of checking the British Census for 1901 (Southampton) could be your best option to consider as second.

I hope this helps and gives you an in-depth idea of what your about to embark.

Any problems then give us a shout!

Best wishes

Andrew W.