The best Titanic book for children


Tarn Stephanos

There have been a number of Titanic books written that were aimed towards children..
My favorite was Richard Boning's 1974 "Titanic", which was a part of the 'Adventure Series".
For those of you who have the Boning book- are you aware it came with a narrative cassette tape too?
In grammar school back in the late 70s/early 80s, reading that book and listening to that tape was what got me hooked on Titanic.

I think the artwork was very good, although it featured the most exadurated list given to Titanic ever depicted in any book..

What do you concider to be the best Titanic children's book?

Tarn Stephanos

Susan L. Romanyuk

Tarn as you were not age specific I would have to say 'Inside The Titanic' by Hugh Brewster and Ken Marschall. The text is easy for younger children to understand and the illustrations are poignant and really tell the story of Titanic.
Fiona Nitschke

Fiona Nitschke

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