The best way to sell a Titanic Book Collection

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In a week of so ill be putting 80% of my Titanic book collection up for sale..seems too many bills these days.

But im keeping the harcore ones (Shipbuilders,Thayer,Young,Lightoller, etc).

Plus the joy of collectiong is the hunt..I miss that, having the most sought after titles..

If I sell A Titanic book collection on Ebay- shoudl I sell as a lot, or as individual sales?
Is Ebay the best plce to sell a Titanic book colection? What about


Tarn Stephanos
As a buyer, I go for the large lots, because that's usually the best bang for the book buck. As a seller, however, I think you're better off dealing one at a time. I know that you've sold books before on eBay, and gotten some pretty good prices.

Our book tastes are somewhat similar. Do you have a list of what you're selling?
I need to go through them all..

among the rare ones will be the 1912
Brit journal of commerce bound inquiry,
plus the recent Brit Inquiry book signed by Milvena Dean

*The blue 1912 Morgan Roberson book

*The 1912 Logan Marshall with red leather imitaion spine

*The 1912 Brit Beesley

*Ismay Line and White Star

*The Mowbray book with a rare cover picture

*the green 1912 Fredericks book

*Man of God, a 1912 book eulogising victin Rev Harper

*The Padfied,Harrison,Read books

*The Behe 'Psychic forewarnings' book

*The Goldsmith bio, #26 of only 100 hardcovers

*Goodbye Goodluck, Murdoch bio, only 500 printed

*The Hubbard book

etc, etc....etc..

Ill go through m,y things thius weekend.
Ill probrlly do it as a lot...

Even the most dediacted Titanic enthusiasts must trim their collections when the bills start piling high. I seem to have very good Karma at finding rare Titanic books, i suspect in due time i could replace most of these anyway.

Titanic books I have i will not part with are my Shipbuilders,Young,Thayer,Bullock,Beeskley and Gracie books..

I had to work double shifts a whole summer to get my shipbuilders..

Tarn Stephanos

Tracy Smith

Sounds like a great list, Tarn and I know it kills you to part with them. None of my Titanic books are particularly rare, except for perhaps my Padfield, but I've had that since 1968 and it's kind of battered from use and several moves over the years. I also have a copy of Diana Bristow's Titanic RIP which is nearly impossible to find.

Jason D. Tiller

That's a good list Tarn. As Tracy said, I'm sure you hate to part with them.

Best regards,

Well, I have an interest in the Californian Incident. I already have Harrison, but I'd be happy to give the Padfield and Reade titles a home. Same with Behe's "Psychic Forwarnings"

I have no idea what the value of these books are, but perhaps you can e-mail me something and we can talk about it?
Ill go through my collection this weekend and make a list....Il probrolly only keep about a dozen books- the rest ill sell....

Ill email anyone interested a list once its complied.


tarn Stephanos
Hi Tarn,
sorry to hear you have to lighten the book load. you wondered about whether an auction site, like eBay was the way to go, or the more traditional used book site route, like Abebooks (Bookfinder is a search engine only, you can't sell your books through them).

if you plan on going the auction route, Mike H gave sound advice by suggesting you sell the books individually. you likely will get a better price for your books that way. the downside to this approach is that this is a lot more work for you to list each book in a separate auction.

there are some pluses and some minuses to selling your books on a used book site. if you decide to go this route, I recommend as the very best place to list them. avoid & Alibris like the plague!

I find that, generally speaking, I can get a better price by selling on the used book sites than I can in an auction. the advantage of the used book sites is that you get to set the price the book will sell for.

a downside to the used book sites is that it will likely take you several months (if not longer) for your books to sell. that is another advantage to an auction. the sale runs its course within a two week period and your money is already on the way to you.

bottom line if you need to generate some cash fairly quickly, eBay is going to get you the most return in the shortest amount of time.

all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack)
Ill do Ebay..Ill try selling them as a lot first...If that doesnt work, ill do them individually, or as several lots..

Australia here I come!

Tarn Stephanos
(You're coming to Oz? Stay in touch!

As for your auction question, while Mike H stated he prefers larger lots, I'm the opposite. I have no interest in buying a heap of books I already own just to obtain one item. Then there's the extra postage for the 'unwanted' items as well, postage costs that wouldn't be recouped in selling the double copies. Geography plays a large part in this, of course - local buyers/bidders probably won't have this concern.

Sorry as hell you're having to part with some of your collection. I know it's a choice I'd find extremely hard too, although I do understand 'the thrill of the hunt' as well. Hope it works out for you.
Tarn, Which part? There's a few of us in Sydney, Inger will be here for Christmas. There's others in Melbourne (or near there), Brisbane, Adeliade, Perth ...

Soon Ill be selling my 1912
Shan Bullock book about Thomas Andrews on Ebay, plus 'Oceans Greatest tragedy, possibly my Lightoller and others...

keep your eyes peeled..

Tarn Stephanos
Hey, Tarn. I just saw a copy of Psychic Forewarnings go for less than $35 on Ebay. A guy in England sold it. If I had been home to snipe it I would have snagged it. But I can't find my snipe code anywhere to snag it when I'm not home. I'll send you a check for $35 for your copy.

Talk about a steal! I just got Jacques Futrelle's book, "Thinking Machine" for $7.62! I'm so excited! (Oh, Tarn, please take pity on a poor working single mother! I just want to read the book, not invest in it.)

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