The biography of Eva Hart how good is it

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Hi Richard,

you have the right title, the book you are talking about is Shadow of the Titanic, by Eva Hart & Ronald C. Denney.

you asked how good the book is and the answer depends on what you are looking for. if you are primarily looking for a book about the Titanic, this is not the book you want. but if you want to read about the life of a survivor, the book is very interesting.

Eva Hart discusses her experiences on the ship, of course, but then moves on to telling about the rest of her life, which has little to do with Titanic.

I would say that roughly a third of the book is Titanic related.

hope this helps,
Michael (TheManInBlack) T

Emily Cunliffe

Hi Everyone,

Just furthering the question about Eva Harts'"Shadow of the Titanic". I have searched high and low trying to buy the book and can't find it anywhere, ages ago I saw it being sold in the bookshops but now it seems to have vanished from all the bookshops around where I live, what to do?!

Best Wishes

Emily Cunliffe


Thanks very much for the info on Eva Harts' "Shadow of the Titanic" Michael and Teresa. I have just come across it on the website you gave me! I look forward to purchasing it! An end to my long searching quest!!!

Best wishes
I know this is a late post, but for what it is worth, before I became internet active, I got to know my small town book store on a first name basis and they would smile when I would come in knowing I was about to spend "The Bucks" before I left. I would have them run a keyword search, and start ordering, or I would come in after watching a video and see if a certain book or author was available. I obtained a good 25-30 books that way. They could tell me what publishing house had it and even an out of print book, if there was even one in stock, I could get it ordered. They even started ordering books that they thought I would like, and that was nice too. This is how I got the Eva Hart book. I ate it up because I always wanted to know what happened in the life of a survivor. I have completely found out on this site and spend allot of time looking and learning here. Good luck. Colleen

Trent Pheifer

I just got this book from the library, two days ago and I have read it all, I found the book fasinating! Michael is right about being 1/3 about Titanic. But the book went through her whole life, and her different jobs, and her different views on alot of things. Does anyone know of any recordings of her singing? I would love to hear one. The book is definitley for you if you are looking for a book on a survivor. What other books have been written by survivors, not just about the disaster but about their whole life? Where could I find some? I know Lady Duff Gordon and Lightoller wrote one but can't find these anywhere.

Trent. I enjoyed Violet Jessops' book as well. I wish I could get ahold of Edith Haismans book now, but can not even get a lead on it. I wrote to her son, but never got a reply.

David Seaman

Hi Colleen,
Mr Haisman has a little website up that you can order his book. Click here
This site also provides a few alternative ways to get in contact with him.

Alexis N. Marlow

Trent, if you look on and type in Lightoller, you can probably find his book. If no go, try typing Beesley and you'll get a book containing the four accounts by survivors, Lawrence Beesley, Col. Archibald Gracie, Charles Lightoller, and Harold Bride.
Hope this helps!

Best to all!
Trent, Lightoller's own book is extremely rare. According to Walter Lord is was withdrawn for legal reasons soon after it was published in 1935. The chapters on Titanic are in the book mentioned by Alexis. It's edited by Jack Winacour and should still be about. You'll find Lightoller's account is of doubtful value. He even gets the date of the disaster wrong.

Lady Duff-Gordon's book is also very rare. Relevant parts are on the Internet but I've not got the URL. Get on the job.

To give some idea of the rarity of these books, neither is in the Library of Congress. An American mate recently found a copy of Lightoller in a public library in Detroit. An interlibrary loan might be your best chance for both books.
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