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Mark Templeman

Hi Everyone
Be gentle with me as I am a noobie!

I have had a look through the listings and I am very suprised that no one has mentioned the book the Titan.

I am not an expert on it or do I know the name of the author. But I believe it was written about 20 years before the sinking of the Titanic.

It had some very uncanny coincidences. First the name of the ship. Titan. It was a four Stacker. (which was very uncommon when the book was written) It ran into an Iceberg in calm seas. And as far as I can remember the dates were about the same. I also think that the amount of deaths were very close as well.

Is this a case of life copying fiction or just a very bad coincidence.

If anyone can give me any more info I would be pleased to receive it.
Encyclopedia Titanica

Encyclopedia Titanica

Philip Hind
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Hello Mark,

If you use the search box above, or indeed click here you will see previous discussions about this book.
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Christine Geyer

Hi Mark and welcome on board ET.

The book you're referring to is "Futility/The wreck of the Titan", written in 1989 by Morgan Robertson. It's been discussed in the "Titanic books" section. One of the moderators will probably move your post from the Message Board Information into this section, where it belongs

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