The Bow Porthole thing

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Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>What would have happened had he been killed, Michael?<<

Depends on one's point of view I suppose. The dead guys would go into the ground to rot...assuming there was anything left to bury. The activist types who thought they were making some kind of "statement" would have made some noise to the media as a matter of course. You know, the usual sort of thing about the "victims" being "Martyrs for the Cause!"

The Canadian authorities after a thorough review of the facts and after the appropriate investigation would likely have ruled it as natural selection cleaning up the gene pool.
Oct 28, 2000
I have been meaning to commend Jim's post about the use of the "insurance wire" for including one little-known bit of information. To refresh memories, Jim said --

"The towing vessel (usually another ship)would then pass his emergency towing wire or similar to Titanic.

"Titanic's crew would attach the towing ship's tow-line to Titanic's anchor.

"Titanic's bow crane would then lift the anchor over the side. The towing vessel would position herself ahead of Titanic and start winding in her tow line.

"At the same time; Titanic would pay-out her wire with the anchor attached.

"When the anchor was suspended approximately half-way between the two ships, all would be made fast ready for the tow. The anchor would act as a counter spring weight to the towing wire and prevent it becoming taught and breaking during bad weather when Titanic was under tow and the both vessels were pitching, rolling and heaving in a seaway."

Note how he describes the anchor being somewhere midway between the towing vessel and Titanic. As he explained, the counterweight is critical to prevent the wire from breaking should it come taught. The anchor would keep the catenary curve and cushion shock loads. However, very few people have ever heard of this little gem of seamanship.

Thanks, Jim, for pointing it out.

-- David G. Brown
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