The Boy in the Picture

May 8, 2001
A big thank you goes to Gavin for the article stated above. I must have looked at that photograph a thousand times in the past 10 years and have asked myself every time, "I wonder if any one knows who that boy is." A very sad ending to the man, but at least he is known, been properly remembered and what a great feeling I have inside! Finally there is a name to the face that has been staring at me for so long.
Thank you.
Mar 20, 2000
I was much moved by this article as well. Just to know the name of this poor boy who so innocently became a part of history was a joy. I was sorry to learn of his terrible death but comforted to know he left the world a hero. The emotional image of this young man's bewildered face in a crowd, caught unwittingly (and forever suspended) in the vortex of time, is perhaps the most unforgettable in the visual landscape of Titanic as a media event. No photographs capture those moments of initial public shock in the unfolding drama ashore than those of this little boy standing in the street with his papers bearing the awful news. Thanks to Gavin Murphy for sharing this very affecting story.

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Ashley Regan

Ditto Gavin!

That was a very rich piece of research that yielded a trully fabulous result. It is sad to see how his life ended. Your paper makes this link nicely between Titanic's tragic loss and this boy's tragic loss in the war. The British PM said when the war started:"the lights were going out all over europe and we won't see them lighted again" (loose quotation). I think the Titanic was the first of those lights that went out and ended an age that was quite wonderful. Your paper has inspired me to research one myself on a Titanic topic that seems to still be uncovered (I hope so anyway teehee!).


Erik Wood

Aug 24, 2000

This was a great article. It was so moving to hear of the mans later service and unfortunate to hear of his death at such any early stage. This was not only a good read but you did some great research.

Thanks for sharing this story,

Sep 12, 2000

Your articles on Titanic are always a treat and this one was simply an unexpected pleasure. I guess we become accustomed to futher research into crew, a passenger or aspects of the ship. But whatever became of the boy in the picture...we all take time to think it each time we see him, but none of us thought to take the time to check it out. What of others whose faces we have seen and are etched in our brains?

Thank you so much Gavin as I know you have been probably busier than me and yet you write. You are truly great!


Addison Hart

Excellent article. Just got done reading it myself. There is nothing much that I could say that everyone else has not already covered. Thanks, Gavin.

God bless,

Gavin Murphy

Thank you one and all for these kind comments.

Ashley, it was actually Foreign Sec. Edward Grey who made this famous comment and not the PM.


Lynda Franklin

My post is a little late but I have seen the photo a thousand times but never knew his name or what happened to him .Well done research .

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