The Cap Arcona

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Philip Hind

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Perhaps the loveliest of the “forgotten” liners is Hamburg-Sudamerikanische’s Cap Arcona. She was conceived and built in the mid-1920s for service between Northern Europe and Argentina, a route every bit as prestigious as the better remembered North Atlantic run. She was born into a world of afternoon teas and Jazz modified for the Palm Court, and saw her service life terminated in a world of air raids and the Horst Wessel Song. Her last minute death, in May 1945, was beyond a doubt the single most regrettable maritime disaster of them all.
It's also so creepy that the 1943 Nazi Propaganda "Titanic" film was actually partially shot on this ship!

You can definitely tell from the photographs in the article which portions were used for the film; the promenade deck, the 1st class cabin, the smoking and the tennis court... Too eerie.
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