The Complete Titanic Walkthrough Project

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Kevin Krinn

here is a 3d walkthough update,

shot 1: fixed the GSC, now has 7 steps on the first landing, also the beams are closer together, and the stairs are evenly spaced

shot 2: a overview of the officers quaters, I am still working on them though (btw the pink cubes are light souces

shot 3: a closeup of the window frames and expanction joint.

shot 4: this is a in game test image, looking down the officers quarters toward the wheelhouse

shot 5: a ingame test image outside the officers quaters. the lighting is a bit rough, a final render would look better, but take much longer

hope you enjoy

Kevin Krinn

Ive added the foward port lifeboat davits, it really starts to bring things together (sorry if the shots are too dark)

also there is the GSC dome texture, keep in mind this will be streched, so there is some distortion. this is also a low res version, the full verson is 34 megs!


Kevin Krinn

Here is tonights update, I have the Port side of the raised room over the Lounge finished (for now,) i have to do a lot more but the edges are done enough to move on.. The other side will be done very quickly... copy---paste adjust... then I'll be moving on to the #3 boiler casing deckhouse.

things are going at a good pace, I hope to have the boat deck in low res working order soon, and I'll relese it, so you guys can get a preview : )

pics are views of the raised roof area, (night)

I plan on doing a day and night map, should be esay to redo, just lots of render time.

maybe after it is finished, I'll do a sinking version with the bow just going under. but i haven't decided yet. I also want to do one with sunset lighing.

all too far ahead to think about.

hope you enjoy the pics, I haven't heard much for you guys, are you still checking?


Jason D. Tiller

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Hi Kevin,

I agree those pictures are terrific! Thanks for the updates.

Best regards,

Hello Kevin,
I think some people may be confused by you having two threads about your website. This is what tends to happen with duplicate threads and is one of the reasons they're discouraged. For example, I posted a response in your first thread.

I'm sure people would still be checking out your site though.


Kevin Krinn

thanks for the positve feedback guys, it helps alot...

I stick to posting on one thead, so as not to complicate things...

here is a update

The area around the raised roof is done for now, (except what goes on top of it) I have all the stairs, windows, and railings

Also pay no attention to those hills in the background, in order to add a envieroment lighting i.e. starlight or sunlight, I have to use a sky, and that on is the only on that is night, i will eventually make one on my own. this will have to do for now.

Hope you enjoy.

Well, I'm impressed. The detail is excellant and only getting better as you work on it. I like the way you've presented how it would look at night. It's about as close to reality as you can get and still see things.

Keep it up.

Mike Bull

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Nice work Kevin, with Cameron's 'blue light' and even old 'Night To Remember' being overlit, your pics really help one to imagine what it was REALLY like out on the Titanic's deck at night-explaining why so many different people saw so many different things, that others knew nothing of, even if they were close by...great food for the mind's eye, keep it up!


Kevin Krinn

Hey thanks for the support!

Here is a update, I had some car trouble and could work on the project for a wile, but I have worked on it the past few night and here is some pics.

the 2nd class stairs haven't been started in the shots, but i have it underway.

the lighting is kinda bad, I haven't fixed that yet.
enjoy! more updates soon.

here is the link.

Kevin, the lighting may be kind of bad, but for the exteriors, you might be surprised at how close to reality it is for a ship at sea at night. As to the rest, I'm sure you'll solve the problems. Looks to me like you're doing quite a job! Should be terrific when it's finished.

Kevin Krinn

update...... it's been a wile

Well, what an adventure it's been. I ordered a 1.6 GHZ cpu and motherboard. so I could use my AGP video card. (my old one made it almost impoassable to edit)
so I get my CPU and it works for 3 days then burns up. and I have to pay for shipping back! we'll i put my 1 GHZ duron in the new Motherboard and I can use better video card. and I have made alot of progress. But I don't I any screenshots yet..

I have a website almost finished where I can show room progress, what ones i have finshed and detailed are shown as a different color on the deck plans.

I have the Boat deck and A Decks basic mapped out, (phase 2) meaning I have all walls windows and doorframes mapped out and fit to scale, so all i have to do is go though and detail each room and not have to worry about geting things fit right.
I also have half of b-deck done too.

My next step after i get all the decks up to this point... is to split the deck into sections (I'll explain how this works on the website when it's done)

I should be able to get free hosting on on a half-life website as soon as i get a copy of the website up.

If anyone keeps up with video game news, Half-Life 2 is coming out soon. it has an incredable 3d engine, I beleve it is capable of rendering a titanic walkthough in realtime 3d around the quality of the titanic adventure out of time game. I'll start converting it to half-life 2 when I finish the half-life 1 verson. Alot of people won't have the hardware (including me) to run HL2 yet anyway. HL1 will run well on older systems.

well, hopefully i can get some pics up soon

-Kevin Krinn
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