The contract law case of Lucy v Wood


Noel F. Jones

"Having Goldberg "clear up" the matter of the sneer among legal historians is a little like having Madeleine Astor "clear up" the matter about the alleged bribes on the lifeboat or the Gordons commandeering their own lifeboat--I think the legal world will just shrug and say Goldberg is entitled to his opinion."

Apropos "styling", I would opine that within the strict protocols of the courtroom it would be entirely correct for a judge to so describe an appellant in any preamble prior to that appellant's concomitant history being brought into court.

At that stage it would remain to be seen whether the appellant's history matched up to her self-description, seeing that in the present case this was germane to the issue before the court.

It does not follow that social commentators, exercised by extraneous issues, were justified in putting a pejorative construction upon the judge's choice of words.


João Carlos Pereira Martins

I think that Lucille Duff-Gordon was the main fashion designer of Queen Mary of England and Sir Cosmo used to frequent the royal parties and he was a notable guest in Buckingham Palace.


sashka pozzetti

If you search on Google for details of this case, you will find, as I did, that there is going to be a 2 day conference at PACE University celebrating the 90th anniversary of this case. it sounds fascinating, with four, yes four! 'Lucile' experts talking about her work and influence, and a whole bunch of lawyers talking about the case she lost. It is amazing to think that this extraordinary woman is still influential and talked about today! :)