The Countess Rothes


Justin L. Kwarta

I would like to know if there has ever been a biography on her? { Lucy Martha Dyer-Edwards} I know she was a passenger on the Titanic, and she was the
" as it was said the hero of lifeboat No. 8 "
Did she raise a family with any of her husband's and is the family still in existence/ grandchildren great-grandchildren etc./ contrary to what I've been told {In my opinion I think she was a beautiful woman!}
May 12, 2005

I share your interest in this beautiful and rather mysterious woman. Did you catch the "beauty pageant" thread here on the board not long back? I believe the Countess won the "prize" of most beautiful woman on Titanic - almost tieing, though, with Margaret Hays.

Despite being wealthy and titled, Noelle Rothes MacFie (I understand she did not go by "Lucy Martha")was not a public figure. She lived a private life before Titanic and continued to do so. In some article I read, a stewardess said to the Countess after their rescue, "You've made yourself famous" to which she replied "I should hope not." That I think sums up her view of herself and the role she played the night Titanic sank. I think she'd be the first to say that her otherwise uneventful life would not warrant a full biography.

Basic info on the Countess of Rothes is on her bio page here on ET. Off hand I recall that Walter Lord wrote that she stayed in contact with Seaman Jones who at some point sent her the number 8 off the lifeboat as a Christmas gift. She was widowed in the 1920s and remarried (to a Colonel Macfie).

She had two sons and has a grandson or great-grandson (I forget) still living who was interviewed either by Judith Geller or Michael Findlay for the book "Women and Children First." I understand the present Earl was also in contact with another researcher who used to post regularly to ET but had to end that correspondence when the man became a bit of a bother.

There is a memorial plaque to the Countess in her parish church of St. Mary's in Fairford, Gloucestershire. See the Geller book for more details. There is a photo of it. It reads:

Widow of the 19th Earl of Rothes
And Beloved Wife of Col. Claude Macfie, DSO
of Fayre Court, Fairford
At Rest 12 Sept. 1956

"Holiness is an infinite compassion for others.
Greatness is to take the common things of life
and walk truly among them. Happiness is a great
love and much serving"


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