The Crow's Nest Bell

Ryan McKeefery

Ryan McKeefery

Does anyone know where the Crow's Nest Bell is these days?
It was in Liverpool Maritime Museum a few years back, but when I returned with my camera the following year, it had been replaced by the cast.

Anyone know its whereabouts now?
Thanks in advance.
It said it was Titanic's on the plaque, and there was no name engraved on it, so it must have been Titanic's.
Titanic's was either salvaged by RMST, or is on the sea bed. What did the bell look like?
It looked as though it had spent many years below the ocean, and I know it to have been salvaged, as I previously saw a photograph of it in a book - in a display case next to a brass lantern and a porthole; the latter being present at the exhibit in Liverpool.
The Bell in question at the Liverpool Maritime Museum to the best of my knowledge has always been a casting.

An image of it from 1994 is attached below

S. Anderson Collection 2005
compliments of David Wong.
Yes, that's what I saw when I returned, but the bell was there.
I think it was about 2000 or 2001. There was a porthole and a few other artefacts from the wreck there.
Anyway... Does anyone know where it is?
I'd really like to know.