The Day I Met a Titanic Survivor was Congratulations Gregg

Gregg, it's great that you and Randy have worked on a book together that celebrates the life of one of the most well known ladies who was aboard the Titanic. The photo of Mrs. Harris and you at her apartment I am sure takes you back to that special day. For Mrs. Harris to be in her 90's, she sure looks radiant in her brightly colored blouse and lipstick. We can all hope to be as happy as she seems to be when we, if we, get that age. Again, I congratulate you on a fine article on ET and the upcoming book.
Lol, hey Mark, I mean it was at the bottom of the list of messages even though it was a new post but after I questioned about it, it directly went back to the top.
Hello, Darren---

Where messages appear depends on which of several methods you use to see what's new. Since I check in somewhat regularly I always use the "Last Day" function, which shows what's been posted within the last 24 hours. If you use another message, the topics should appear in the same order, but threads within a topic sometimes don't. That's probably why I didn't see it at the bottom of anything, but you did.
I really enjoyed this article, and am looking forward to the book.
What a memorable day, and how thrilling it must to have been to meet Mrs. Harris, her niece, and Walter Lord!
The picture of Mrs Harris with Greg is absolutely charming. What a lady she must have been!