The Day I Met a Titanic Survivor

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Daniel Sundkvist

What a wonderful story of a wonderful day. You were such a lucky boy :) It reminds me of my own correspondance with Beatrice Sandstrøm in the years 1992-1995. She always answered my letters, and her last reply was written from her hospital bed shortly before she died in September 1995. I was 15 in 1992 - not so much older than you when you met Mrs. Harris. But unlike you, I never actually met Miss Sandstrøm.Daniel Sundkvist, Reykjavik, Iceland

Gregg Jasper

Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your touching story about Beatrice Sandstrom. Titanic survivors all seemed to be very special people and I'm glad that you, as a young teenager, were able to get to know Beatrice Sandstrom through her letters. The kindness shown to us by these wonderful women will always be with us.Gregg Jasper, San Francisco, California, USA


Great story! I was 13 in 1975 when I first read "A Night to Remember". Unfortunately for me, I was never able to meet an actual survivor, I lived in Norfolk, Va when my interest started, years later I found out a survivor (a Mr. Aks) lived in the same area and I never knew it! Been to the Halifax graveyard, and actually touched the big piece they raised. Live in Louisville, Ky now, and now all the survivors are gone. Your story was really great, thanks!

Paul Grimwood

What a heartwarming story. I try to remember to do this with young people in my own field, but it's so wonderful to know that Mrs Harris' and Mr Lord's kindness has been remembered all these years. Thank you for sharing this.

Marjorie Earl

Thank you for sharing your precious memory. I have only just become interested in Irene as I was given her 'boarding pass' last week when attending the Titanic Exhibition in Perth, Western Australia. Amazingly, I have a distant cousin named Gladys Irene Harris née Williams - she was known as Rene to everyone.The similarity between the two names is uncanny. I am so glad it was her card I was given. If you are interested, I can send you a digital copy of the card. Cheers, Marjorie Earl, Cairns, Australia.

Jon Steiger

Mr. Jasper,

First off, you're story is truly inspiring. To become infatuated with the Titanic and then get the chance to meet a survivor is incredible. Not only that, but it was Irene Harris. I'm reaching out, because I would like the chance to speak with you about your experience with Mrs. Harris. So you know I'm serious and that I have my own connection with the Harris's, I work at the Hudson Theatre in NYC. The very same theatre that Rene ran for many years.