The End is Near

It's been gone for quite some time now. They now have a seperate page for the France/Norway/Blue Lady demolition photos. For those who love the old liners, it is not for the faint of heart!

The last image posted was taken in December of 2008, and it's barely recognizable as having ever been a ship.
The tip of the bow and a few other fragments were on public display in Paris last fall. I think that they were meant to be auctioned off, but if they wre the auction did not draw the same level of attention that their arrival did.
Interesting. I wonder if anything will find its way into a permanent "art piece", or if the bits will have greater value as steel. Somehow, I think the nostalgia boom of the 70's and 80's has trickled to a near halt. It's both therapeutic and sad. Therapeutic, in that people get on with living and developing lives around improved technology. Sad in that something as architecturally lovely as the "France" should have been relegated to news clippings and post cards.
We tend to swear that wouldn't have happened to a preserved "Normandie", yet she too, would have been discarded, had not fate intervened.