The fact No 'Titanic Artifact Museum' has been created by now defies all logic

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The Titanic artifacts have been on perpetual tour since the 1990s- with no permanant facility to call home.
The Titanic Artifact Exhitions are wonderful- But it is high time a permanant Titanic Artifact museum be established. Traveling Titanic exhibitions could still happen, but there must be a permanant home for these important objects, and they must recieve top notch on site conservation.
After all this time, there should be a Titanic Artifact Museum with onsite conservation, where larger and more delicate artifacts could be retired from the road (like the Big Piece), and where there could be a visual archive where all the data from past dives could be viewed. Will there ever be such a museum?

Such a museum could forge a relationship with schools and universities- and universities with conservation, museum studies, history and underwater archaeology programs could have student interns offer their help- which would further legitimize the whole endeauvor in the eyes of academia.

On site conservation could be viewed by visitors- as artifacts being treated could be on display at the same time.....
But of course, there would be ongoing expeditions to the site, and ongoing satelite Titanic Artifact Exhibitions.

But it appears none of this is being planned- at least not by the current operators of RMSTI. These artifacts deserve to be in museum-
Does anyone else here think it is high time for the creation of a PERMANANT Titanic artifact museum? If well marketed , it should be a great suceess. The Titanic ' Ship of Dreams' museum in Branson Missouri has all pre discovery ietms, and they apparently do very well.
I think a permamant Titanic Artifact museum that houses the artifacts would succeed- and would heighten the chances of security and longevity for the artifacts......
But touring forever on the road will only serve to create wear and tear on the artifacts. I noticed on a recent photo online of the Big Piece, a large chunk of the section of glass from one of the portholes is now gone- so instead of there being half the orginal glass, there is now just a quarter....Not shocking- thats what constant touring will do....
The artifacts need to be in a **museum***, not a traveling exhibit or a dingy warehouse.

Will a Titanic Artifact Museum ever come to pass? I do hope so...


Tarn Stephanos

Titanic exhibit staff, 1998-2000
To my knowledge, the only museum that has Titanic artifacts on loan by RMSTI are on display
at Liverpool's Merseyside Maritime Museum. A favorite piece of mine, a lead ventilation grill is there. In my newspaper chronology, I preserve a newspaper article of an LP1 conservator displaying the artifact as it arrived in France. BTW...the ship builder's model of Olympic & Titanic can be seen in detail (via panning) on the Museum's web-site

Michael Cundiff
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