The fate of the Olympic

Adam Went

Apr 28, 2003

I think it would have been a bit of a shame to see the Olympic having to endure service during WWII. She was never designed for that and was getting on a bit by the 30's. So were others like Aquitania, of course, but then they were better equipped for service. IMO, it was a shame she was scrapped, but it was probably done at the right time, or else no doubt she would have been called up for service a few years later.

And yes, there's still quite a few souvenirs salvaged from Olympic around, most of them from the interior - wood panels and so forth as you mention. I believe a number of them are either in collections or make up parts of older hotels and so forth, though memory fails me on names and exact details at the moment.

I do recall that there are several photos of the mementos still existing from her in books like Bob Ballard's "Lost Liners".

Adam. :)


Jun 9, 2013
Poulsbo, WA
This has bothered me too over the years. If any of the classic ocean liners could have been saved, Olympic would have been a prime candidate. It truly is a shame that none of them were saved.
Saved to have done what with? The Queen Mary is cramped and poorly maintained. If you try to turn them into hotels, they are too small for most people to accept as accommodations when compared to hotels.

It's a shame to see ocean liners scrapped. But nothing lasts forever. And they carried many people to happy times in the lives. They served their noble purpose and at some point, it's time to let them go.

L. Colombo

Nov 22, 2012
Still I prefer cramped and poorly mantained than totally destructed. Last years it was scrapped in Alang the "Augustus" - the last one of the Italian liners of the 50s - and it was a stab in the hearth to see the photos of the ship cut into pieces. Just an example. However, the "Olympic" is gone, what's done is done.

Shel Cooper

Nov 8, 2013
Aquitania was beat down and pretty much condemned because IIRC, a piano had actually fallen through the deck into a room below. Olympic had some structural cracking but overall was in good shape in 1935. As for the Queen Mary, it is poorly maintained and if it still could sail it wouldn't survive another voyage without serious structural failure. There are rust spots on major beams down in that ship's lower regions that you can put your whole arm through, and so much decay in places you almost feel like you're walking through the Titanic. As everyone has pointed out here, ships are maintenance nightmares which become ever more difficult to keep up with age and a point comes where they become prohibitively expensive or even unsafe.
Aug 8, 2007

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