The fate of the Parker Titanic wood from the Steve Santini collection

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Some of you may have noticed Steve Santini's Titanic Museum in Manitoba went belly up. So what became of his collection of Titanic wreckwood ,lifejacket,lifering,nickknacks and other things that was plucked from the sea by the Minia crew? What became of the chess board crewman Parker fasioned from Titanic wreckwood? Seems Steve sold the whole lot to California Titanic collector Tony Probst.Tony races boats, and owns a company called audio video showroom. All of the goodies Tony bought from Steve are on display in his shop. Tony has since aquired some new titanic collectables, such as original lifeboat name plate, a turkish bath ticket, etc...
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tarn stephanos
Dear Tarn,
You are not 100% accurate in what you have reported. Your post makes it sound as though Tony acquired the museum's ENTIRE collection. This is simply not so. While it is true that Mr. Probst did acquire a number of artifacts from our museum, the core, or a number of the best items, are still held by us. In fact, many of these items are currently on display by us at the "Ship of Dreams" exhibition in Orlando, Florida. The remainder are here in Canada and will soon be built into a travelling exhibit which will tour to museums here in Canada. This is the second time someone has posted to this group that we had basically "sold out" to American buyers, (the first such report was posted by Gavin Murphy),and I felt obligated to set the record straight and state that I am still very much involved in Titanic and that the core of the Titanic Concepts Inc. collection is still very much intact and Canadian owned. Thank you, Steve Santini.
Hi Steve!
I certainly was not trying to imply you 'sold out' . I just posted the current whereabouts of some of your artifacts as I know one or two folks have asked what became of your museum collection. I know Tony aquired a bit of it. I am glad you retained a good portion too. My apologies if you took offense to my poste- i was simply trying to inform members where these artifacts can now be viewed.I had been told he aquried all of your titanic artifacts- i stand corrected, and am glad you retained pieces for yourself. Whereabouts in Canada will the artifacts you retain be displayed? There is certainly a strong canadian connection to titanic, so it would be nice if your museum could reemerge.

All the best, and my opogies if mu poste seemed offensive to you..
That was NOT my intention


tarn Stephanos
Hi Tarn,
No offence taken. It is just that Gavin Murphy posted some time back that our artifacts had been sold to Americans and it is too bad they could not have remained in Canada. I contacted Gavin and told him this was not so but he did not post a correction. So, I am understandably sensitive when I hear the same sort of thing again. I for one have tried to keep a great many important Titanic related artifacts here in Canada and also to bring others to our soil (at great personal expense and without Government grants or outside funding). I only wish there was real and tangible support here in Canada for a collection as fine as the one we had amassed. It is this very lack of support which led to the closing of the Manitoba Museum of the Titanic. It really is a pity that the only place in Canada most people associate Titanic with is Halifax. For those who did'nt manage to make it to our museum I can only say that something special indeed was missed. I wish you well Tarn and it is nice to see you here. Kind regards, Steve Santini

Gavin Murphy


Let me make a clarification here so that you are perfectly clear were I am coming from.

I think it is a shame any artifacts leave this country and end up elsewhere. I have said this several times on this board.

I have never suggested the person selling them is "selling out" Canada. The problem, as you suggest, is that we are not all that keen on keeping/promoting or nautical history. Ask Beaudry.

If I were in the same position as you or Beaudry, and I tried to keep and/or sell domestically, and a foregin buyer came along and the cultural export rules permitting a sale, would I sell to them? Probably.

I trust you will find these comments of some comfort to you.

Kind regards,

Mr. Santini. I can almost feel the pain and sadness in your post that these beloved pieces are no longer in your possession, but, I am ever so thankful that you sold it to someone who is willing to share the pieces (free admission) to anyone that wishes to see them instead of locking them away.
I am most excited to discover that these pieces are in my own home state. The chances of me getting to Canada are pretty slim, yet, I can very easily drive to Santa Rosa where myself and family can, and will, gaze at these pieces and appreciate the glimpse of Titanic.
For what it's worth, I do thank you.
One item made its way to me in South Carolina and is a much prized possession proudly displayed on the wall of my "Titanic room"--where it will always have the best protection and care I can give it.

Best regards,
I heard once, a while back that a truck carrying part of a traveling display of Titanic "things" (for lack of a better word as I have no idea what was contained in the truck) had wrecked or crashed. Was anything destroyed in this wreck? Does anyone know? I was heartbroken when I heard this on the news.
"This afternoon, the truck transporting artifacts to Kansas City was involved in a collision on the interstate. No news has been released concerning the condition of the artifacts. "

Once again, I found an answer! You would think, being a blonde I would have learned by now to look before I post! Thanks to Bill Willard for the posting this!


Adam Leet

If that's the wreck I'm thinking of, that was several months ago. I visited the exhibition last year in KC, and heard nothing about missing artifacts. I did notice that the exhibit had fewer items on display than in Memphis, however.

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