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Caroline Chavez

The scene when Jack was drawing a picture of a stranger and his daughter/or whomever(towards the beginning of the movie)quiet fasinates me, because then here comes Rose. Jack looks at Rose in such a way that its mysterious. He in some way is studying the stranger and his daughter the same way.I wonder why Jack saw this special thing about Rose that caught his attention quickly, and seriously. He kept looking at Rose like some type of painting, a painting that could never be figured out but someway this 3rd class guy knew he could get to know her. I mean there where so many other Woman out there just walking right in front of his eyes. But from a distance he blocks everything around him out and concentrates on this beautiful lady, which looks like he recognoizes from before. Maybe he thought he knew her from somewhere(which might be impossible) My point of this thread was this scene of the movie just finally Trigerd me, so much that i had to post a comment about it. Now please PLEASE respond someone back and tell me what you think.

-Caroline Chavez:)

Susan Alby

Oct 22, 2004
Hi Caroline-
When Jack first looked at Rose it was as if she was an Angel. The Titanic brought both of these young people from two different worlds together. Otherwise, I don't think their paths would have crossed. Jack had a gift in seeing and portraying other people as they truly were, without hiding their imperfections. Maybe he initially saw Rose as a 'forbidden' subject for one of his next drawings. But then he sensed that under her perfect appearance there was another person trying to get out. Ironically, Jack was really Rose's Angel who saved her from living an unfulfilled life with dreary Cal.

I am also a big fan of Titanic Music. The movie soundtrack is good for the film, but I prefer the Ian Whitcomb recordings of the 'White Star Orchestra' and the 'Songs from Steerage'. Would love to hear more about your collection!


Rachel Walker

Hello Caroline,
I think it was just love at first sight, but I also agree with Susan.
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