The Future of Nomadic


Scott R. Andrews


Thanks for posting this news! Things appear to be looking up for the old gal -- hopefully, her good fortune will continue.

Scott Andrews
Yes, good news, Frank. Small point of clarification, in case anyone thinks it's the Irish Government, It's announced as the British Government that made the contribution.

Regards Ernie
Dear friends!

The person who bought Nomadic for Northern Ireland didn't want to make declarations or to say for which institutions she intervened, same to the whole press...
She just said that a press release will be published as soon as possible.

Best regards

Thierry Dufournaud
Hi Thierry

I wondered whether we may have jumped the gun, but it has been announced on BBC Ceefax this evening, and reported as Frank indicated above.

Regards Ernie

Nicolas Roughol

A bit sad to see Nomadic leave France for good, but I'm relieved she's finally found a new place for (let's hope) many years to come...
Now she needs to be restored...and that's a whole different story.
Wow! I’m overjoyed to hear Nomadic is saved, and pretty emotional about it. I was really worried she was going to slip through the cracks. But finally she’s got a home. What a journey she’s had!

The French have wanted dearly to keep Nomadic, and will be disappointed to see her leave, but they must be pleased to know that it was their valiant efforts that saved this special ship. No one did more than Nicolas, Thierry and Philippe to make this happen. Gentlemen, hats off to you, and to AFT, for never losing faith and making enough noise that someone finally heard you!

Mike Bull

Very pleased to hear this news- what a fantastic journey she will have had, after all these years, to come back home to Belfast, to be restored to former glory in her home and to have her own bit of limelight and to help with the whole new Titanic-based H&W scheme, too.


I received a message from Ken Marschall:

Yes, the city of Belfast bought S/S NOMADIC at the auction for an amount of 250.001 Euros.

I am very pleased that Nomadic is saved, but it's only the beginning of a great work...

At present, I'm going to help Belfast to realise the project (to move Nomadic from Le Havre docks to Belfast...and it is not an easy piece).

Thank you for the FANTASTIC news! And thank you for all that you are doing to assist with her move to Belfast. A little bit of precious good news in this very troubled world. I will sleep well tonight.

Thierry's post above is confusing.

He sent me a brief news headline about Nomadic which was in French, a language I am only barely familiar with. But from what I could discern, it seemed to be giving good news about the vessel. I responded, asking if there were indeed good news. His reply to me is what he quotes first, above. My later comment follows at the bottom of his post.

I've already received an e-mail from someone in the Belfast or N. Ireland government (I believe) asking if it's true that I am assisting with the return of Nomadic to Belfast. Alas, I wish I had the means and the spare time.

I wonder to what extent, and to what era, the vessel may be "restored." I hope the funds are made available to do it right. I'm preaching to the choir, but I think she should be lovingly reconstructed to her 1911-12 appearance. What I would give to be allowed to personally paint her remanufactured funnel! Ah, there's a dream. What a catharsis that would be.

Monica: That "sag in the middle" is called "sheer," and it's supposed to be there. Ain't it pretty? Titanic had it too, as did all ships back then and up til the 1960s or so. What incredible skill and craftsmanship it took to achieve those perfect lines.