The Future of the Australian Navy

From The Australian Navy Website:

Minister for Defence — Largs Bay officially handed over to Australian Defence Force

Minister for Defence Stephen Smith and Minister for Defence Materiel Jason Clare today announced that the Largs Bay, now ADF Ship Choules, had been formally handed to the Australian Defence Force at Falmouth Dockyard in the United Kingdom.
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From The ABC (OpEd)

That sinking feeling: Smith, subs and national security

If Stephen Smith wants to replace Prime Minister Julia Gillard he would be in a stronger position if he did a better job in his portfolio.

As he has only been Defence Minister since September 2010, it might be a bit harsh to judge his efforts so far, but he has one very big issue that seems to be dragging.
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Today's Feature Story From Reuters:

Australia seeks European designs on $36 bln submarine fleet

Dec 13 (Reuters) - Australia has asked three European companies to submit designs to replace its submarine fleet at a cost of up to A$36 billion ($36 billion) in a defence buildup aimed at protecting resource exports and countering an accelerating arms race in Asia.
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On the other hand, from The Australian:

Collins fleet damned as unfit, safety risk

A DEVASTATING new report into the nation's Collins-class submarine fleet has warned of profound safety risks arising from inexperienced crews, a paucity of experts, poor reliability and a dysfunctional maintenance system.
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Comment: Canberra's going to have an "interesting time" selling this project to the nation when it's percieved that they can't even keep up the boats that they have.​