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Jim Kalafus

Dec 3, 2000
>I feel like I have a couple of attack toy poodles nipping at my ankles!

That could be dangerous. Such delusions, much like hearing voices, are a sign that something is physically or psychologically amiss. Look at what happened to David Berkowitz vis a vis dogs and delusions. Remember- there is no shame in the the illness. The only shame is in not seeking help. Has it been happening long? Are they "communicating" or just nipping?

>Actually, the photo referred to was discussed at length on the ET message board with George Behe clearly explaining that the photograph in question was a computer generated one.

Would you care to post the caption from that photo from the first edition, or shall Mike?

>In fact, it was not even a doctored photo of the Olympic -- it was the Titanic! So please get your facts straight when attempting to make a point.

I stand corrected, possibly. It has been three years since I saw the photo and, much like the gender of Mrs. Coutt's children, it was an easy mistake to make.

>Frankly, that is as far as I got into your hateful diatribe before quitting.

If you only read one line, then how do you know it was hateful? Go back and read through it.

Shall we talk about hateful? Do you recall last December, when you were making unctious offers to give me a "personal" tour of the Branson museum ON the board, while OFF board you were busy compiling a libelous site about Mike and myself, which you then sent to people through the ET I.M. feature? Do you recall that? I do. Let me refresh your memory. Among other things, you accused us of being a same-sex couple (we are not now, nor were we then) and wrote a limerick in which you called a lady member of this board, who you do not know, a whore. If you still do not recall, let me post your original email as a cut-and-paste:

>From: Encyclopedia Titanica Message Board <[email protected]>
>Sent: Dec 30, 2006 9:37 AM
>To: [email protected]
>Subject: Lactations

>Congratulations! You have received a private message from the following discussion
board user: Timothy Trower

>Lactations =
>Or couldn't you figure that out on your own?

>Reply privately to this user with the following URL:


>To: XXXXXXX, From: tjtrower


Is it all coming back to you now? If I WANTED to be hateful, I would not have disabled the above link by removing a word from it. But then, everyone would have seen the gross and graphic photo of the lactating breast you included. BUT, fortunately for you, you slandered an innocent party with that limerick and so out of concern for her feelings it will go unread.

However, just to give everyone a taste of what you are like when you are not playing the sanctimonious, GOP supporting attender of church groups, here are a few of the more tame highlights.

>More About Me
>Hobbies: You've heard of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Well, WE are The Three Nipples of THE T*T! We are XXXXX, Jim, and Mike. XXXXX is a frustrated XXXXXX. Jim and Mike are a same-sex couple with shaved heads and attitudes. We spend much of our time lactating (*posting*) inane dribblings on the discussion board of

I could go on, but you get the point. Shall I continue?

If I WANTED to be hateful, I could post some of the "fan mail" your site engendered. Like this one:
>Dear Jim
>Believe it or not I am truly shocked by this rightly termed "bizarre" and dare I say evil, VILE site. Truly, truly "beyond the pale." I can only think that anyone who remotely knows
you, Mike (and XXXXXXX) would be absolutely furious...I know I am!! I guess the term "psycho" is a pretty apt description!! I really think
if he is a devout Christian/church-goer/supporter his pastor should be told....

Oh, but don't worry. Despite being provided with an address, I did not photocopy your site and mail it to the church with a letter about "bearing false witness" and the seven deadly sins. That would have been hateful.

If I WANTED to be hateful, I could post the sections of your site pertaining to Titanic International, in which you voiced sentiments that could get you sued were they to be published. But, it would be a credit to neither me, nor THS to do that.

If I wanted to be hateful, I could post the emails that were exchanged between myself and the moderators over this misuse of the board. But, I won't....unless anyone doubts my veracity in this. You see, I'm not a big fan of unattributed quotes and so seldom if ever delete an email.

So, anyway, Tim, you are the LAST person on this earth who should call me hateful.

If at times it seems like Mike and I are excessively rigorous at guarding one another's back, it is because experience has shown us how low some of our "non-fans" can sink. We've seen a friend of ours' personal tragedy the subject of much gloating among people who ought to know better. We've seen someone who has never been anything but nice to either of us photographed, while asleep, at the BTS convention (by someone who should be ashamed but probably isn't) who then circulated the photo to much smug derision. We've seen SEVERAL of these faux-profiles set up, by adults with the mentality of ninth graders. So, if I come across as humorless and at times outright confrontational, so be it. Like me or dislike me, you always know where you stand when I am talking to you- and it will be a cold day in hell before I pretend to be a sweet, put upon, Christian soul ON the board while creating such vile things off of it. Sanctimony is not my forte.

All the best,

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