The Goodwins

Gianni Yrois

Aug 17, 2011
I was wondering if the Goodwins had any other family that were not on the ship, I am interested in tracing their family tree

hello angeline,

yes the Goodwins had relatives who didnt board the ship. Both had siblings and today there are some destined cousins still alive.
The unknowe child could be identified because they found a fourth cousin of the Goodwins who was still alive. Then with the
new tecnology they where able to identified the little Sidney Leslie Goodwin. But i think that other Goodwins where recovered too but stay unidentified or where buried at sea.

best regards
Gianni Alessandro Yrois Tarozzi

goodwin family portrait.jpg

Neil Goodwin

Aug 18, 2018
hello angeline,

You will notice when searching any records, family’s often use the same names as other branches of the family.

William b.1896, Harold b.1900 Victor b.1906, & Leslie b.1908

The above names and d.o.b. were my uncles, brothers to Edwin George Goodwin, my Dad, born in 1901 in Balham south London, and close to where Frederick Goodwin was born. any info please?

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