The Grand Stair Case

>The grand staircase is now thought to have broken off and progressed backward during the sinking and exited out the break in the bow. Evidence to this can be found on the recent Cameron expedition to the wreck. The glass dome iron was found at the base of the stairwell on G-Deck. Evidence also points to Charles Pellegrino's downblast theory for the destruction of the staircase.

Sorry, wrong on all counts. No identifiable remains of the GSC have been found, aside from the metal foundation for the stairs down on D Deck. There is no direct path for even a small ROV to take from the GSC hole to the aft end of the bow section...not even the promenades are open on the aft end, thanks to the collapsed deck structure. Cameron believes that the staircase lifted out of the wreck as it sank and has said as much. The staircase does not go down to G Deck. The stairwell leading down to F Deck (and the Turkish Bath) is curiously free of debris from above...even the wooden stairs there are missing, even though there are oak panelling remains on the stairwell walls. NOAA discovered a partial glass dome frame in the debris field in 2004, but it's thought to have come from the aft staircase. It's possible that the implosion of the glass dome structure was caused by downblast, but the evidence is conflicting.

I've heard the dome found last year is from the aft staircase that came out during the breakup. I also recall from the July expedition broadcast the ship suddenly began to plunge down faster and this sudden dip made a wave of water crash through the forward dome.

The ajaecent roof collapsed, from what Roy Mengot said, was due to the water passing over the ship during the drop to the bottom and impact with the bottom. His site has some more on this. Though I'm curious as to wher the grid designed weather cover and it's forward wall went too. On the wreck the side and back walls of the weather cover are still attached to the roof.
Remco, the organ was Never installed on the staircase, it arrived from germany at harland and wolff just when she was commisioned as a hospital ship. the organ exists today at the museum of music automations located in seewen so. (look it up on google "britannic organ")


"I wonder if both staircases are intact on the Britannic"

Good questions....main problem is that we don't know how much of the GSC's panneling was installed at the time of the sinking.
You probably know the picture of the 3 nurses on the GSC; not much panneling is installed there.

There is however an account by a diver who claimes to have seen some remains of the pipeorgan in the GSC area.

We need a new expedition to fully answer this question. View attachment 27028

The Britannic's Pipe Organ is located in a museum currently. It was never installed and still exists. Maybe what you're referencing was paneling along that area? Though, it's my understanding that most if not all of the paneling was not installed as of yet anywhere along the GSC.