The Grand staircase clock

Does anyone know what the dimensions of the Honor and Glory Crowning Time panel are? Or what size the actual clock was? In photos on the GSC it looks huge but the remaining panel from the Olympic doesn't look that big. Thanks.

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Just putting this out there but in "The Ship Magnificent" the circular object attached to the back wall of the swimming bath on Titanic in a particular photograph is in the caption assumed to be either a clock or a mirror.... Perhaps (this is assuming that this mirror-in-place-of-clock theory has ANYTHING to it at all) they did not have the clock for the staircase arrive in time and they substituted the forward staircase with the clock intended for the swimming bath wall, replacing that with a mirror instead. It also seems likely that clocks for both forward and aft staircases would be arriving from the same manufacturer -does anyone know about that? Or even if ALL clocks aboard would be from the same place? - so if they weren't to arrive, there would be no clocks at all. Perhaps then only one was defective? Or dropped? Or lost? If that were the case then the forward staircase would be fitted with the remaining clock whilst the aft staircase with the clock from the pool. Please keep in mind that these are all just thoughts... I will check my copy of "The Ship Magnificent" when I get home for the page on which the photograph of the pool resides. Anyone knowing if this is possible?
Page 414 of "Titanic The Ship Magnificent Volume II: Interior Design and Fitting Out". The image I was referring to in my last post is the one on this page. As it says in the caption beneath, "...notice the round object on the forward bulkhead. This is in the area where a clock SHOULD have been installed, as one was installed on Olympic... However, it is not certain whether this object is a cover over a yet-uninstalled clock, or another fitting altogether."

No it does not mention a mirror like I had originally thought, but perhaps the "clock" (if it is even that) shown in this image IS merely a cover over a missing clock. Perhaps they did really use the one intended for here on the staircase... Ok, I know. I'm reading waaaay to much into this ha ha but it does seem possible to me... can anyone support/disprove this THEORY?
Is the clock rumour wide reported? I think it was only noted in one book, Titanic voices. Even then, the replacement claimed to be a mirror, not a clock representative of the Aft Grand Staircase.

I think it's bogus, but then, my opinion is as good or lousy as any.
I do remember it in Titanic Voices. None of the 1st class passengers at all even mentioned a clock. The staircase yes, but not the clock. Of course, the survivors could have simply forgotten or may not have even seen it. But surely it couldn't have been missed.

Although we must not forget that these wealthy people were accustomed to these sort of environments and interiors and probably didn't even pay the slightest attention to their surroundings onboard, given they were so used to interiors of the same standard or even better.
Well a fancy clock isn't exactly noteworthy in contrast the the more significant event that followed.

If I recall, a passenger claimed to have adjusted his watch according to the clock on the stairway. I'm still going to gamble and call shenanigans on the mirror/clock theory.
I would agree with you. I know that they were pushed for time when it came to fitting out.

Many passengers complained of electric lights, heaters and other appliances in 1st class staterooms not working. One passenger even said her stateroom was not finished! The same was also complained about in the other classes.

Although these are smaller points of note, I highly doubt that the clock was unfinished. Surely this would be one of the carvings which would have been finished with the rest of the staircase. It's plausible of course, but I don't believe it.

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In Titanic, the large frieze surrounding the Magneta slave clock dial was not per se "the clock" It was simply a decorative carving which had nothing to do with keeping time.

"The clock" was not actually a clock, either. It was just a slave driven by one of two Magneta brand master clocks located in the officers chart room on the bridge.

So, the question is not whether the frieze was completed -- we know it was -- but whether or not the slave clock face was installed. And, that's another question.

-- David G. Brown
Indeed. The panel has nothing to do with the clock, rather whether the clock itself was installed is the question.

That's quite an interesting point you made. Rather than the clock being a clock, it was rather controlled by the master clock, or Magneta clock, as with all of the clocks onboard.

If the frieze panel, Honour and Glory, was installed though, what would passengers have saw? The panel with simply a hole in the centre from where the clock should have been installed?

Or of course, the entire thing could have been complete in the first place. We will never really know for sure, unless of course some photographs surface which is quite unlikely.
Hi everyone does anyone know the acurate dimensions of the honour and glory clock as am building exact replica staircase on a large boat renovation project to use for weddings
Interestingly enough (for those of you interested) the design of the clock has been around for quite a bit of time before it was designed for the ship. It used to be in the Tuileries Palace before it burned down in France. It's a very interesting story, but this is where they got the inspiration for the grand staircases clock. From a fireplace in an office in the Palace. Gorgeous, it was.