The Guarantee Group - what did they do during the sinking?

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I've looked in some of the zombie threads for information, but can't find what I'm looking for. Mods can move or merge this if necssary.

My question is - aside from Thomas Andrews, do we know what the other members of Harland and Wolff's guarantee group did in the final two and a half hours? Did they assist with the ship's evacuation? None of them survived, that much we do know. There seems to be so little information about these guys and what they did during the maiden voyage.

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We do not know much about the actions of the guarantee group except for 3 people (Thomas Andrews Jr excluded). These being Mr. William Parr (Assistant Manager Electrical Department), Mr. Anthony “Archie” Frost (Outside Foreman Engineer) and Mr. Ennis Watson (Electrician Apprentice), they assisted the electricians at the switchboard platform. When the first port lifeboats were lowered Thomas Andrews came down and advised them:

“Gentlemen, I must inform that the ship is heavily damaged and the bulkheads cannot hold the damage back. If you stay here too long, there would be no chance for any of you gentlemen to reach the lifeboats or even to reach the top decks, you both even have a small possibility of swimming away to floating debris.”

Mr. Frost responded:

“We’ll stay as long as we can."

This comes from an account of greaser Alfred Albert White.

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^^ Thank you for the response - very interesting and exactly the kind of thing I was looking for! Information on the work of the guarantee group onboard the Titanic seems very hard to come by. We mostly hear only of Thomas Andrews, and one could be forgiven for assuming he was the only member of H&W present during Titanic's maiden voyage. That's certainly how all of the films and most TV documentaries have portrayed it...