The H & W Guarantee Group


Catherine Ehlers

I've read several items on this site about the Guarantee Group from Harland & Wolff, a group of nine men from the shipbuilding firm led by Thomas Andrews. Andrews is the only one of them I've even heard that much about. Who were these guys? Did they report directly to Thomas Andrews? Or were they working independently? Or, in the case of the apprentices, under someone on board the ship? I also note that every one of them died. Could the other eight have made the decision to go down with the ship, as Thomas Andrews did? And could they have had any contact with him after the collision during those last 2 hours and 40 minutes?

Just wondering.

Cathy Ehlers

Brandon Whited

Cathy, here's all I've been able to find on the Harland and Wolff Guarantee Group:

Thomas Andrews, Jr.: Was the main designer for Harland and Wolff.

William Campbell: Was a Harland and Wolff joiner apprentice.

Roderick Robert Crispin Chrisholm: Was Harland and Wolff's Chief Ships Draughtsman, which meant he designed the Titanic's lifeboats.

Alfred Flemming Cunningham: Was a Harland and Wolff fitter apprentice.

Antony Wood Frost: Was a Harland and Wolff outside foreman manager.

Robert J. Knight: Was the leading hand fitter engineer.

Francis Parks: Was an apprentice plumber travelling in Second-Class.

William Henry Marsh Parr: Was Harland and Wolff's assistant manager of their electrical department.

Joey Thompson: Was a painter.

Ennis Hastings Watson: Was an electrican's apprentice.

(I do believe these men worked independently.)

Hope this helps a little.


Lynda Franklin

There were nine people in this group including Andrews did Andrews pick these men himself or were they selected by Harland and Wolff ?

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