The Ile De France

Jan 7, 2002
Any other Ille De France buffs here? Ive recently developed an intererst in her..was she sister ship to the Paris?

The Ille was a prime example of art deco spledor..Even after her refit when she was reduced to two funnels, she looked magnificent.

Acting as the recue ship during the Andrea Doria sinking assured her place in history.

In the film "The Last Voyage", during which the Ille was partially sunk, one is afforded stunning glimpses of the Ille's interior.

The scene of the Ille's forward funnel crashing down into the wheelhouse was particularly sad..

She was one of the best....

Tarn Stephanos
Feb 6, 2003
Here,Here. She was a one of a kind, smaller then Normandie but more beautiful then the France. I have an interest in her somewhat because my mother always wanted to sale on the Ile. The film is great but I considure it a waste in the face of the Ile being such a beautiful ship. I dont can't really see her as a sister ship to the Paris though. The size and shape just are not the same. They both have three funnels but I think thats were the similarities end. The French Line was not known to make sister ships and I dont really think they would make an exception here. I'm free to continue this conversation at anytime thanks. Josh
Jul 31, 2011
I LOVE the SS Ile de France. Always have. She was beautiful both inside and out. I think that in some ways, she was the best ship the French Line ever constructed, perhaps behind the Normandie, with Paris as runner-up.


I didn't know that the French Line didn't make sister ships -- that's interesting. I have always thought, what would a sister ship to Ile de France be like? Any thoughts?

Anyway, I just wanted to contribute to the thread.
May 5, 2020

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