The inquiries' finding that the Titanic sank intact

Sep 6, 2019
I meant that we'll never know other key details of the disaster that he did see but probably didn't tell us. But most likely the bow didn't dramatically resurface out of the water after the break-up, as you pointed out.

This is a indisputable fact. Once the bow went under she never came out again, this is what makes the drawing wrong.

Watch this

Rennette Marston

Rennette Marston
May 23, 2020
Halifax, Nova Scotia
I've seen this video before and I find it rather interesting. Particularly the part where Titanic Animations tried to explain why the survivors thought the bow resurfaced by showing his Titanic model correcting its list to port when the bridge was about to submerge after narrating Ida Hippach's testimony that Aaron1912 included in one of his last videos that TA criticized above. This element of the video I later incorporated into my theory of the break-up after I watched it a few times.

I also have a theory that maybe one of the large forward funnels was mistaken for the bow section rising.

Of everything else he said, I do agree with TA that the Titanic's forward section most likely didn't resurface after the break-up since it was rapidly filling with water at that point. Though I don't believe the harassment Aaron received for his rather odd theory after Titanic Animations called him out for the inaccuracies in his idea was called for. But that's what I think.
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