The Irish Aboard Titanic newlypublished revised and expanded edition

Senan Molony

Jun 28, 1998
This book, long out of print, is now available in second edition through a new publisher.

It is revised and expanded (some boring bits dropped from the last one!), including many new pictures, previously unseen and published for the first time.

Some few pictures from the first edition are regrettably dropped for reasons of exacting resolution standards, but there are plenty of compensations, I think.

Details available at -

The above should be a remedy for US residents who found it impossible to acquire the first edition. Anyone with both editions will have a comprehensive compendium of the Irish and the Queenstown leg. IMHO!

Nancy Bratby

Apr 18, 2005
Boring bits? Shurely not.

Trawling through the 4843 new Titanic titles on Amazon and Waterstones I noted they put Irish as having 90,000 pages. Not even you can write that much.

Inger Sheil

Feb 9, 1999
Chuffed that this is being reissued - it's a work I've referred to many times over the years, and to which I've referred many others. It's been difficult to get ahold of lately, so it's a relief that it's accessible again!

Mick Molloy

Nov 29, 2002
I enjoyed the first edition, if only because it, and Senan's visit to Lahardane (Ireland's Titanic Village) in 1999 whilst doing his research, helped spur us on in ensuring that our commemorations for the fourteen from our locality who boarded Titanic took their place alongside Belfast and Cobh.

The book has great depth and is a compelling read for Titanic enthusiasts, those interested in Irish emigration, and also the casual reader who will be gripped by the pictures and the Titanic tales of those who were lost and those who survived, along with the impact the tragedy had, and still has, on so many communities across Ireland.

The first edition soon became unavailable and its price increased exponentially on the internet. Buy it now, for the excellent work that it is, or as an investment; to be kept and passed down through the years as Irish Titanic heritage.

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