"The Last Signals" - short movie about Harold Bride

I wonder if have you seen "The Last Signals" short movie from 2012 about Harold Bride' (and Jack Phillips) story on Titanic. If yes, what do you think about this?

You can see the movie via Youtube:

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Hi Aleksandra,

What a load of rubbish that presumably Australian programme was. Totally inaccurate in virtually every respect.

My own view, well known on here, is that had Phillips and Bride done their jobs properly Titanic would almost certainly have altered course and not hit an ice berg. Both, at multiple times, ignored the ice warning messages, and failed to send them to the bridge.


Fortunately the fellows who made The Last Signals seem to have ceased in making independent films now -- they are now the core developers behind Titanic: Honor and Glory. So it seems they have left the 'rubbish' behind by the looks of it.