The Laughing Secret Of The Real Titanic's Bow

Nov 30, 2000
As I type this I am looking at a beautiful 2004 Ballard visit picture of the now-infamous point of the Titanic's bow.
That is one huge forepeak tank vent grate I see just aft the curved railing. With slats big enough to ensare even my size 15EEE shoes.
Surely not the surest perch for passengers to stand on, especially if the breeze from the ship's momentum and sea winds were buffeting them!
Wrenched ankles would have awaited them.
Unless the Cameron model included the forepeak tank vents, and the cast somehow could stand on them in their 1912-era shoes, I think the crew of the real Titanic must have looked down from heaven on the ersatz lovers standing on the very point of the ersatz version of their ship and laughed and laughed at the absurd impossibility of it.

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