The Legend of 1900

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Jim Kalafus

Dec 3, 2000
Regarding Rock and Roll Circus. You have John Lennon and Keith Richards during their respective heroin phases, Marianne Faithful just out of the hospital after her 8 month heroin induced stillbirth, Brian Jones fried and only 8 or so months away from death, all performing at the end of a two day long filming schedule. Between the drug torpor and the long 'shoot,' much of the film borders on groggy. It's also a bit of a fraud in that portions were re-dubbed later, with much of Brian's less than inspired playing magically wiped away. Subsequently, the only truly dynamic performances are by Taj Mahal and Yoko Ono. How many times can one truly say that Yoko Ono walked away with a show? But, still it is light years ahead of The Beatles in Japan (both versions) and the ponderous, joyless, Woodstock in terms of being watchable.

>some assert if you like the Beatles, you HAVE TO like Yoko Ono..

Does it then follow that since I like Yoko Ono, I am obligated to like the Beatles? And, if by liking Yoko and by extension, The Beatles, must I then have admit to enjoying pre-touring Ringo? And having drawn these disparate elements to my heart, must I then take the final plunge into The Dark Night of the Soul and have to like Paul, Linda, John Lennon and their respective musical outputs? It's all too much to digest.
Jan 7, 2002
The one act that truly dominated 'Rock & Roll Circus' was the Who- they were spot on that night- Some have speculated that R&RC sat unreleased for decades because the Rolling Stones performance was subdued (And Brian Jones clearly detached from reality) - I'm more inclined to believe The Who gave a better performance, and took the spotlight away from the Rolling Stones.
Taj Mahal also gave a stellar performance, and Jethro Tull seldom disappoints..
John Lennon was indeed going through a rough patch in dec 1968-the Get Back/Let it Be sessions were a month away, during which he produced his dodgiest material. The Beatles peaked with 'Revolver' in my opinion..
I love the Beatles, but they are not my favorite band..The Doors holds that honor..
Yoko just isn't my cup of tea- But i will admit I am a fan of the band the B-52s, who were clearly influenced by Yoko Ono- and Yoko went on to influence other New wave artists in the 1980s...

Alice Boyden

To the person who was looking for the soundtrack for The Legend of 1900, as well as being available on, it is also available for download from Zune Marketplace. If Zune has it I'd bet I-tunes has it too. The Ghosts of the Abyss soundtrack is also available from Zune. (Don't laugh, yes I'm one of the 12 people who bought a Zune instead of an I-Pod. I love it. Supposedly in tests it has better musical quality. More music, less hiss.)
May 27, 2007
Hello Folks, "The Legend Of 1900" is on today at IFC Independent Film Channel at 1:35 Central standard time! This film is about a baby being found on a Ship who grows up to become a Virtuoso of a Piano player without ever going on shore! I hope at least somebody gets to see and enjoy this movie! It's one of my favorites!
Aug 29, 2000
I just discovered it today on Indieplex- what a remarkable movie, not only for the beautiful music, but great matte work of the Virginian four-stacker, and the shipboard scenes. It is a two-hankie feature to be sure. Too bad 45 minutes were cut from the American version. Lovely film. The sound track and DVD available cheap at Amazon- I ordered both. Haven't heard soundtrack music this beautiful since Raise the Titanic.
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