The Link between Vauxhall motors and RMS Titanic

Oliver K

Jul 8, 2018
Hello! I've known about this for quite a while now but i have finally gathered enough information to share it, now you have certainly heard of the RMS Titanic before, and the Vauxhall Motor company (some of you might even drive their cars) but I'll give you a little history lesson on why Vauxhall is linked to RMS Titanic and other ships.

Vauxhall Motors is one of the oldest motor company's here in the U.K, they were foundered 162 years ago under the name of Alex Wilson And Company, by a Scottish Marine Engineer with the name of Alexander Wilson.

While Vauxhall are mostly known for their cars, they have only been making them since 1903, before this, Vauxhall produced marine engines and pumps, but in 1897, another Scottish Engineer took over the company, renaming it to the Vauxhall Iron Works, and his name was Andrew Betts Brown perhaps that name sounds familiar to you? In the 1870's he invented the Steam Tiller and the Telemotor (Browns Patent Telemotor), then he joined Vauxhall in 1897, producing Traveling Cranes before going into the Motorcar business in 1903, and in 1925 General Motors bought them, and the rest is history, modern Vauxhalls are still made by GM.

So in short, the same person who invented Titanic's steering system (which was used on lots of other ships) also started up the Vauxhall Motor company years later.

Now if you look at

This picture of the badge on a 1921 Vauxhall (Image Courtesy of Wikipedia) you will see that the top of the badge has a word wrapped round it, "Vauxhall Motors LTD" and the bottom has the words "Luton England" wrapped in the same style.

Now look at a Telemotor wheel (Image Courtesy of google images)


It has the name of the company on top, and the place it was made in at the bottom, in the same wrap-around style, is this linked? or just purely a coincidence? I'll leave it up to you to decide, but in the meanwhile, enjoy this fact i have just shared, I'd love to your hear your thoughts on it.
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