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Paul Lee

Re: Californian

If only he had gotten to finish it. Even if it tells us nothing new W. Lord is so entertaining to read. I love his writing style and I could see him saying "Putting old wine in new bottles" about old information, which sounds like something he'd say.

You could always satisfy yourself with my literary offering. A lot of my research is based on Lord's papers, and his communications with Reade, de Groot, Carrothers, Harrison etc.


You could always satisfy yourself with my literary offering. A lot of my research is based on Lord's papers, and his communications with Reade, de Groot, Carrothers, Harrison etc.
Thanks for the link, Paul. I will look over the site and see what I can find out. I gotta watch my spending alas because of the economy plus Christmas Presents and the sad fact that I come from a long line of stingy, miserly Swedish and Danish stock.
But hopefully I can read your book though a library loan out.
It looks interesting. I hope "The Indifferent Stranger" is doing well. Lemme pester one of my brothers or Sisters to get it for me at X-Mas.​

Took enough time to compile and write!
Sure Paul, but you can be proud of the finished product. Thanks for the link on Lord Macquitty.

Also have you seen the Article on the Californian on this site called "The Californian A Reality Check". It's pretty good in stating how even if the Californian had gotten to the Titanic in time without striking a berg the Californian might not of been able to do much good in saving the passengers of Titanic but the if the Californian had sent lifeboats out then maybe a few Titanic Passengers would of been saved.​

Paul Lee

Dear friends (and aversaries)

Thanks to everyone who wished Carly and I well during my severe illness a few months back; I've been at home since mid February, back in time for Valentine's day (thank goodness) and am feeling better. Now I just need a job to help pay the bills that built up during my 3 months convalescing. Physically, I'm fine (nearly) but still have horrible bouts of severe depression.

Anyway, this is just a quick note first of all to say thanks, but also to let you that, to prevent my brain my stagnating, I've been writing up some more of the Walter Lord stuff, and these are now on my webpage at

With best wishes to you all


My ebook on the Titanic and the Californian can now be ordered at
>>Physically, I'm fine (nearly) but still have horrible bouts of severe depression.<<

Just so you know, you do have friends. We're here for you.

On the e-book, all I can say for anybody who hasn't got it: What are you waiting for? This one is a "must have."
Welcome back Paul. I can especially understand and relate with the severe bouts of depression. It's so damn tough, but you'll pull through just fine as time goes along. Don't hesitate to see someone if your depression worsens, there's no shame in it and it has really helped me through some very rough times. You'll be back 100% in no time though!

Glad to see you back! All my best wishes!
Glad to see you back with us Paul. You have many friends who were pulling for you, and we still are. As Matthew said, you will get through the tough times as time goes on.

Wishing you all the best,

Jim Currie

Welcome back Paul!

Adversaries?..what adversaries? You've a special talent and it's a privilege to be one of the ones able to enjoy it. Look forward to more of the same.

Where there's depression, there's a hill of happiness right next to it. When you get to the top - enjoy the view!


Jason D. Tiller

Great to see you back, Paul.

I can relate to the depression issue as well, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You will get through it.

Wishing you nothing but the best!
Paul Lee: After nearly being killed, as a pedestrian in crosswalk, I returned home from a four month Hospital stay with, as you mentioned severe depression. Owing to minor brain trauma and a fractured skull, I am prescribed anti-depressants...however I am told it is a prescription for the rest of my(our) lives. On a brighter note... my Mother, my TITANIC/Ocean Liner interest, and without a doubt this forum have saved me in everyway a man can be saved. The best of luck to you and yours Mr. Lee.


Michael Cundiff

Trevor Rommelley

Hi Paul!
Great to see you back on here - don't let the buggers get you down!
Did you get my email, about Captain Lord's diaries in Lancashire?

Kind Wishes,

Paul Lee

Bless you all, and many thanks your sympathies and concerns. Hopefully the nasties have returned to the lands of leprachauns, clogs and kangaroos. I aim to post more regularly, but my enthusiasm has taken a beating.

Trev; no I didn't get your email. In fact a lot of my email is not getting through. I don't know whether the fault lies with my domain provider or google.

Take care everyone


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