The man that cannot be drowned

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Hello. While I was browsing the Corbis photographic collection, I have found this:

Original caption: Remarkable Survivors of Lusitania Disaster. "Called the man who cannot be drowned." This stoker named Turner was saved from the Titanic disaster, the Empress of Ireland catastrophe in the St. Lawrence River and lastly from the Lusitania." 628

I haven't found anything about this man on
You didn't find him because he wasn't there. This looks like a variation of the "Lucky" Frank Tower legend, only with a real person who was the basis of the legend.
I've often wondered about that pic. Does anybody know who he really is? The handwitten code number runs in series with other pictures of known survivors photographed on the streets of Queenstown. Was this man a genuine (but anonymous) survivor of the Lusitania, or a line-spinner, or a random pedestrian and unwitting accomplice to somebody else's wishful thinking?
I saw a copy of this photo in the the White Star Journal a few months ago. There is a real person behind the legend, but he just wasn't anywhere near the Titanic.

William Barber

Ripleys Believe It or Not contains a story similar to this, and not having a copy of that book handy, I am unable to check to see if the name matches, but surely a publication such as Ripleys would check out the story before running it. We already know of Violet Jesper that survived the Titanic and the Britanic and also sailed on the Olympic, so weird happenings do occur. I will do some digging and attempt to discover the truth behind this rumor.
Ripley's is hardly inspired inerrant and the plain fact of the matter is that Frank "Lucky" Towers appears nowhere on the crews list. The reason for this is because he wasn't there. One seldom goes wrong by checking primary sources and the great thing about ET is that the actual Particulars of Engagement are part of the database. You can access them by way of This Hotlink
From what I have been able to tell, there has been nobody who is directly connected to both the Titanic and Lusitania, however there were instances of people linked to one ship OR the other via the Empress of Ireland.

First, there appears to be a real life crewman named William Clark who did survive both Titanic and Empress of Ireland. Can anyone double confirm that for me?

Also, the husband, daughter and son-in-law of Empress victim Fannie Mounsey were following up on a possibility that a mystery woman who showed up in England was their family member and wer making their way to England on the Lusitania. Only the daughter survived and confirmed that the woman was not her mother.

Anyone know of other people or families with Empress/Titanic or Empress/Lusitania connections?

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Yes, William Mounsey, his daughter Sarah Lund, and her husband (whose name escapes me right now) sailed to Ireland in the hopes that the woman was Mrs. Mounsey. Only Sarah survived, only to find that Mrs. Mounsey was not the same woman as the one in the nursing home.
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