The Mark Twain House Exhibit

Apr 11, 2001
The Twain house in Hartford, Connecticut is currently featuring an amazing exhibit of Victorian and Edwardian fashions and accessories through October 24th. The new addition to the Mark Twain home opened in Sept. 2004 and contains a theatre and gift shop as well as an exhibition hall. The title of this fashion exhibit is "Modesty Died When Clothes Were Born" and is worth the trip to Hartford. It features Twain's famous 1910 white suit (which only became his trademark late in life) and his Oxford academic robes as well as some of his wife's gowns. The tour of the house is superb, with beautifully maintained interiors and furnishings. Twain (Sam Clemens) was a good friend of Titanic's Frank Millet, -in fact, along with the sculptor St. Gaudens, was one of Frank's best men at Frank's London wedding to Lily Merrick.

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