The model from the WebbStanwyck film

Sep 26, 2009
I donated a miniature hull plate from the Titanic model used in "Raise the Titanic" to the FRMM and John Gosson had it in the case along with a wooden "life raft" that was picked up at the 1971 auction which was held next to Farmer's Market in Los Angeles. I remember those inaccurate life rafts in the background just before the sinking, and I think you could spot them leaning against the wall on the boat deck just before the ship went down. They were crudely carved wood with screen wire for a bottom, I was thrilled to get the life raft because it was from the model, and had fallen off during the move to the auction site. For those who haven't heard, John Joslyn is building a Titanic attraction in Branson, MO similar to the one in Orlando, FL. This one will have a big model of the Titanic, a real Grand Staircase to walk between floors and some of the THS items that were in Fall River, including the deck chair and Mrs. Astor's lifejacket. Take a look at and take a tour of seven of the fourteen rooms. The exhibit is scheduled to open in October, with grand opening in April, 2006. Robert H. Gibbons

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