The most accurate portrayal of Mr Andrews in the movies?



I agree with ANTR being the most accurate one. But, I think Garber was portraying the emotions Mr Andrews must have felt that night in a very good way. And, Garber himself said in an 2012 interview, that he was entranced by ANTR:)It doesnt mean I didnt like Goodlife. Some acts of Mr Andrews, being portrayed in the 1958 movie should have been portrayed in the 1997 movie as well. I like ANTR as film and Victor Garber as actor of Mr.Andrews. Do you think if there were another Titanic TV series, there should be more emphasis on the acts of Mr.Andrews that night?

Definitely. I wish they could recreate his interaction with crew members and him getting passengers into the lifeboats more.


SOS Titanic is my favourite Titanic film. I thought Geoffrey Whitehead did a marvellous performance of Thomas Andrews, although he should have had an Ulster accent and he also wrongly pronounced his home town Comber in the film. He pronounced it as coo-mber when it is really pronounced as cumber (as in cucumber). Only a little thing, but I used to live there.

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