The Mysterious Adam Segmart


Jun 24, 2014
I heard a story this week, that 100 years ago, a Titanic survivor named Adam Segmart drowned in a Connecticut Lake. A little searching turned up some brief newspaper accounts. Supposedly, Mr. Segmart was a Pennsylvania coal miner visiting relatives. On 23 June 1914, he went bathing in Besek Lake (also spelled Beseck) near Middletown, stepped in a hole, and drowned before help arrived. The stories claimed that he could not swim. He was married with four children.

Here is one of the newspaper stories:

However, I have not found Mr. Segmart on survivor lists. And I find no mention of this story in recent times before yesterday when it was mentioned by @CenturyAgoToday on twitter.

Did I miss something in my quick searches?

Is the story an old or recent hoax? Did Mr. Segmart invent a Titanic connection that got passed along after his death? What gives?

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