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While tracing back my family tree, I checked each of my ancestors on This tells you what year your family members arrived, the port they left from and the ship they traveled. Very Interesting. Well, as you can all tell from my last name, Doyle, I am Irish. My Great Grandparents, Great Aunts and Uncles all left from Queenstown between 1904-1913. The ships they traveled were White Stars Adriatic, Laurentic and Oceanic and Cunards Caronia. While I was going over this I thought I would pose this question. What famous ships did your relatives travel on? What port did they leave from? This has the potential to be a very interesting thread!
James, nice question!
My late mother came within inches of sailing on Andrea Doria's last voyage. She was on her way from Genoa to join my dad in the USA and was booked on the Cristoforo Colombo one week earlier.

She fell ill and her parents wanted her to postpone her trip by a week, which would have made her life very interesting as things turned out, but my dad (who was working in Tennessee) had already made plans to meet her in New York and couldn't change them. So, sick or not, mom stuck to her original schedule and crossed on the Colombo. So, I'm happy to say, no famous ship crossings in my family that I know of, only a close shave!

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My grans cousins all emigrated to the States in the early years of the last century.
They travelled on the the Anchor liners Caledonia and Cameronia.
Her good friend travelled on the Queen Mary in the late 1930s when she was emigrating to the States - stange as eventually she moved to Long Beach with the queen mary nearby

Jeannine Kleinschmidt

I don't know how famous they were, but my great-grandfather and two of his brothers came over from Hungary/Czechoslovakia (depending on who owned their parcel of land at the time) on the "Pisa" in 1907, which I believe I read was in Atlantic waters at the time the "Titanic" went down. Later in 1907, my great-grandmother, and her four young sons (including my grandfather, who was 7 years old at the time) arrived from the same country at Ellis Island on the "Nieuw Amsterdam."

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