The offer for the QE2 from Dubai was simply too good to turn down

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Russell Smith

Jul 23, 2008
Nice little read...

The offer for the QE2 from Dubai was simply too good to turn down

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mike Pearse

Atypical comment from passengers on the final Transatlantic crossing of the QE2 last week would have been: “She's dilapidated chic, dear, and that's the way we like her.”

In a fortnight the most famous liner in the world will set sail for the last time out of Southampton and on to Dubai, where she's been sold for £50 million and will become a luxury hotel and conference centre.

Like the end of Concorde, the decision to sell the liner, used by 2.5 million passengers and thousands of troops who were transported to the Falklands, will attract much comment when she goes on November 11.

Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
£50 million explains a lot. If the ship had been sent to the breaker's yard, she just wouldn't have fetched this high a price. Financially, it makes sense for Cunard. Whether or not it will work out for Dubai, well now, that is the question.

Ellen Grace Butland

Yes, I wonder what QE2 will be transmogrified into. She wont anymore be a ship though and I guess I wont see her again, but who knows. I will wait to see what they do to her, we could be either pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised. There may be better (or worse) things than death. (a new rebirth???)
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