The original Titanic demo for sale

Stephen Maize

May 4, 2006
Does anyone have the original "Titanic:adventure out of time"demo from GTE entertainment in 1996 called "Titanic:Final Mission"? In 1996,the GTE enternment distrubuted demos for their games,including titanic.If anyone still has a copy of the demo from 1996 please e-mail me or post it. It has never been sold on Ebay as far as I know.Someone also said something about a sports game demo being included on the Disc.Thanks.

I have had two versions of the game which I love,
Titanic:Adventure out of time the full version,and Titanic:The Lost Mission,which is a seperate mini-adventure aboard the titanic and was released in 1998.The full game was released in 1996.(Still have it) Now,however I would like to have the original demo from 1996,if anyone has it for sale.(I said this in order to avoid confusion about the game. Yes,Titanic:The lost mission is a demo,but this is not the one Iam talking about.)This demo came out before these two titles. I noticed the demo advertisment in a booklet for the games sold by GTE Entertainment(including Titanic) in 1996.Thanks again.

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