The Other Side of the Night

Laura Jay

I read the review...very informative. What rankled me is this Butler chap who has no background in psychiatry at all ( to my knowledge), has labeled Lord a sociopath. In the here and now the symptoms can be as follows:
not learning from experience
no sense of responsibility
inability to form meaningful relationships
inability to control impulses
lack of moral sense
chronically antisocial behavior
no change in behavior after punishment
emotional immaturity
lack of guilt
I would point out that Lord was a captain with several people under him and he had responsibilities to them, he had a wife and son. Furthermore, would he have been given a command if he was emotionally immature? Stoicism was a highly prized asset of a captain which meant they wouldn't lose their heads in a crisis.
And finally, how would you act if you were Lord after the disaster and met some of the victims? Disassociated, awkward, etc. This does not excuse his lack of action by no means, but I get worked up after someone tries to brand someone else who doesn't deserve it. It's made me mad since high school.
Getting off the soapbox now. ;)
>>What rankled me is this Butler chap who has no background in psychiatry at all ( to my knowledge), has labeled Lord a sociopath.<<

A lot of people objected to that including a number of people who were critical of Captain Lord otherwise.

I think Lord made one helluva mistake but it wasn't out of malice.

Brad Rousse

Allow myself to join the chorus of disappointed, but not surprised, readers of Butler's latest work. I haven't had the "pleasure" of reading Unsinkable but I've heard enough about the man and his methods on ET to be prepared, if you will. I picked this up for half price at the Strand Bookstore for subway/lunch break reading in 2011, and I found myself doubletaking at the leaps in logic and facts Butler made in his work. When he started throwing around the S-word, I recall closing it and using my iPhone's sudoku app for the rest of the subway ride. It soon found itself back on the shelves of the Strand (where it still sits as of my visit yesterday!) shortly thereafter.

For me, the evidence clearly points to the ship sighted from Californian as Titanic, and while Lord was not a complete bumbling stooge, he probably should have made more effort to see what was going on. Of course, even if he knew what was happening in the distance, any impact that could have been made would have been minimal. I would recommend, as has already been done, the appropriate chapter of "Report into the Loss of the SS Titanic" for anyone wanting to know more about the affair. I cannot speak for Dave Gittins as I haven't read it yet, but if his "what if?" timeline is any indication from "Report", he would be another suggestion.