The part with the safe on the titanic

Sep 26, 2009
The reason for raising the Titanic is to recover a very special radioactive mineral that is needed to provide the power for a missile defense shield. Without the mineral, there is no shield, hence, the government decides to raise the Titanic to get the mineral that Brewster supposedly was shipping back to the U.S. on the Titanic. After the Titanic is raised and the vault is opened, there is nothing in the vault but common rocks and Brewster's remains. Brewster actually buried the real mineral in a grave in Southby,England, hence the postcard "Thank God for Southby". In the movie, Dirk Pitt and Dr. Seagram decide to leave the mineral hidden in the grave, because someone might use it for a weapon rather than a missile defense shield. Robert H. Gibbons
Aug 14, 2005
did he climb in the safe in the hope that the postcard would one day be dicovered perhas?there seems no other reason for him to have gone in there.
that scen was goin to be put in originally it would have been good.
Jul 11, 2001
Maybe he thought because the vault was air tight that he would be safe in there? LOL. I don't know why either. Nonetheless, it was probably written that way to be more dramatic. And good writing inspires us to visualize what we are reading. I'm sure those of us who read the book imagined what that experience was like. Being closed in a dark vault that is tilting increasingly more and more. Eventually tipping on its side and the terrifying ride to the bottom. while air tight, he wouldn't have run out of air, but would the change in pressure be fatal? Too bad the movie was edited way beyond what the book was like.

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