The real J Dawson on tv

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Just want to let everyone know the Discovery Channel is showing: The Real J. Dawson
at 7 p.m. central time tonight. I just noticed it or I would have posted sooner. There really was a J. Dawson on board Titanic. I've all ready seen this documentary. I thought it was interesting.

Don Tweed

I watched the show last night. Not bad really.
Did you watch the show that came on afterwards about the Wilhelm Gusloff?
Taalk about your tragedy at sea!!!
Close to 9,000 souls lost their lives that night.
They did a fine computer reenactment of the sinking.

Natalie Gleason

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I watched both of those shows on TV last night. I thought that both of them were really interesting. I have never really heard of the Wilhelm Gusloff before last night. How horrible that was!!!! A real tragedy!!! One thing I found a little humerous about the J. Dawson on the Titanic was that his grave is located in Nova Scotia. The marker just has J. Dawson on it and the date he died, and the number 227 representing that he was the 227 person recovered from the sea. They said that since James Cameron's movie that people (especially teen aged girls) have actually stood at that grave and cried and left flowers because they think that it was Leo Dicaprio in that grave since his character was Jack Dawson. I thought that was pretty funny.
I enjoyed the program regarding J. Dawson. I thought it was a great story. I couldn't believe that folks left flowers at his grave thinking it was Leo in there!!! Hello!

Tom Pappas

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The "over 9,000 casualties" of the Wilhelm Gustloff was derived by a combination of voodoo, guesswork, and chicanery. I questioned every assumption they fed into their expensive model, and I question the outcome. However many died, it was a big number, but paltry compared to the toll extracted by certain American and English air raids.

I wonder how many of the victims previously stood by the side of the road and shouted heil! when Hitler rode by. I wonder how many informed on their Jewish neighbors. I wonder how many hailed the Wehrmacht as it returned from Poland, Holland, or France.
I caught the J. Dawson special last night and managed to get it on tape. This was the first time I'd watched it, and I thought it was a very fascinating show.
Well, Tom, Bill Garzske posts here occasionally so maybe you'll have an opportunity to ask him how they arrived at those numbers.
Your comments about the Germans is interesting in light of what is happening today.

Must everything ALWAYS be about the war? This was just an innocent thread to alert people to a tv show. Please if you want to talk war, start your own thread.
Sidelight about people leaving flowers on the J.Dawson grave thinking it's Leo in there - there happens to be a Rambo on the Vietnam memorial here in Washington that gets any number of flowers also. People just can't distinguish between movies and real life, I guess.
I had no clue about the Rambo name being on the memorial. That's pretty odd because Rambo isn't exactly a common name, at least not in my area.
I don't think it's a common name in any area - I just remember the fuss when someone discovered the name after the Rambo movies came out.
The name is usually spelled Rambeau. I get a few requests for that name for family name origins certificates and coats of arms embroideries. Oddly enough, today I had an order for a double wedding embroidery for the names Andrews and Casbeer.

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