The real Jack Dawson

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Shane Jenkins

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I saw a documentary On the History Channel here in Australia last weekend which investigated the story of body 227: J.DAWSON. It looked at what kind of person he was, what the J actually stands for, and spoke to members of his family. It was really cool. Did anyone else see it, has it been shown in any other countries?
The site you mention calls him John Dawson, but Joseph is correct. Senan Molony knows his Irishmen!

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Gosh, yes. Nearly crashed me.

Good photo of Joseph Dawson's grave though. I know I've seen others and the links are bound to be on this board somewhere.

To think that the doco has been shown here and I stil haven't seen it. Mind you, it's about the first time I've regretted not having cable so I daresay I'll live. Just as well for Senan's piece so those cable-less among us are not completely deprived. That the show has percolated its way down here in one form of broadcast may augur well for eventual broadcast on the free telly, even if it is at 3am. Here's hoping.
I've just seen this show and on the whole I found it good. There are one or two minor errors, such as under-stating the trimmers' pay considerably.

There is good footage of the Fairview Cemetery, Cobh and other places.

The show is a good lesson in research. We learn how an unidentified body was identified from union records and go on from there, via verifiable family stories and documentation, to obtain a good account of Joseph Dawson's short life. It's not a sensational tale, just good detective work.

Pleasant features include Senan Molony's Irish accent and a visit to the avuncular Brian Ticehurst.

After the appallingly bad Titanic: Secrets Revealed, which preceded it, The Real Jack Dawson was a breath of fresh air.
As I watched the National geographic program about J Dawson (Trimmer), I saw the name E Beeston as having signed the crew register which is held in the British Archives. My surname is Beeston and I would like to find out more about this E Beeston, who does not show up on any list posted for the Titanic. I cannot afford to pay the search fee and wonder if anyone can help me find out more about this person. My email address is [email protected]
Please place one underscore _ between beeston and robert.Please help me with this search. I live in New Zealand. Thank you

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I'll answer Robert separately. For the curious, the name he noticed was not Beeston, but Burton. Firemen and trimmers were not always skilled with a pen. Here is Burton's signature and those nearby.


The mans' name was Edward John Burton.
Senan, are you lurking?

In the program there's a photo of Joseph Dawson wearing a hat. There's a flower in his buttonhole.

Have you looked at whether this is his wedding photo?

Inger Sheil

Don't know if Sen's lurking or not, Dave - I know he was busy spending time with his family and work connected with the two books he released over the Summer. If he doesn't answer himself, I'm mention this thread to him tomorrow.

I seem to recall from conversations that he has done more work on that photograph and the context in which it was taken.
Thanks, Inger!

It just seemed to me that a trimmer would have few occasions to get dressed up. A wedding seems a possible excuse.
Yes, I watched this (saw it on the History Channel in Australia some time ago but during its recent Infamous, Titanic Sundays series of specials). I think its a really interesting special myself, like that they go into research about J. Dawson and delve into history to uncover who he was.
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