The remnants of the Reading and Writing room and lounge

When Cameron returns to explore Titanic, I'm hoping to see the Turkish Bath, swimming bath, 1st class Resuraunt (or whats left of it); port side Verandah Cafe, and Scotland Road explored....

But most of all, im hoping the forward alcove of the A deck Reading and Writng Room, just forward of the collapse of the decks on the bow section, is explored thouroughly......

The Boat deck area above has all but rusted away, providing easy access for any robotic camera probe...

I suspect some portion of the adjacent Lounge could be viewed before the Boat Deck above and A deck compress as one.....

Since the small Greek style statue that was afixed atop the Lounge fireplace was spotted by Ballard in the debris field, and the fact woodwork from above the forward enterance of the lounge was recovered by the Minia, I suspect the partition between the lounge and Writing Room may have been swept away during the sinking....

Since INTACT stained glass was found mere feet from ther collapsing decks in the 1st class D deck dining room, perhaps by some similar miracle, leaded glass windows in the lounge may have survived as well..
But we'll never know until that region is explored.....

Anyone else here who finds the Lounge to have been the most opulant room on board, and who would like to see the remnants of that region explored?


Tarn Stephanos
I am afraid the lounge/reading writing area would be a visual disappointment. There were probably great hydro forces at work in this area, which started to flood at the time the Titanic started her sudden and fast final plunge to the ocean floor. The fact that the heavy statue on the forward end of the lounge, bolted to the fireplace mantle is an indication that some serious water flow was occurring in this area. The only thing I can envision surviving in the reading/writing room would be the plant stands, which were bolted to the flooring. With the wide open windows, this would have provided easier access for water inrush.
As for the intact stained glass windows in the dining room and reception room, these areas flooded more gradually and weren't subject to the heavy outer currents and crashing water. The lounge windows, it would appear, are not still fitted to the wreck. The decking here is seriously pancaked and sections were found in the debris field.

However, as you put it, 'we'll never know until that region is explored....'
You're right - we won't. But, as for an area yet to be explored and having the potential to impress, I'd put my money on the Turkish bath...

Jason D. Tiller

I sure hope Cameron goes back as well. Their is probably so much more information he could find.

Best regards,

I hope so...

Here is my 'wishlist' or areas to be filmed...


With the starboard side shell plating missing, the decks are exposed, albiet pancaked and drenched with rusticles....
Perhaps there may be an open nook through which cabin remnants can be seen...
Im eager to see anything from 2nd class- particularly the dining room or library- but i suspect its crushed flat.....

The First Class resturaunt may be explorable, via portside may have survived, but i suspect the portside windows that once belonged to the resturaunt now look on a different deck.....

On the poop deck, there is an opening of the 3rd class stairwell- has this been explored? How deep in the ship can one explore via this opening?

As for the bow section, id love to see explorations of the Turkish bath,the swimming pool, Scotland Road, the Squash coart, and C deck cabins .....

Tarn Stephanos

Anna Reznik

I wouldn't mind seeing the Turkish Bath. Another area would be the cargo rooms or mail rooms but, it's too dangerous to actually explore it like it should be. Maybe I just want to see if the car is in parts or put together.

Granted very little would be left of it and the wood case (if it was indeed in one) would be long gone now.
My own wish list would include Boiler Rooms 6 and 5 as well as the Fireman's tunnel...if only in the latter to see what the damage was that allowed it to flood and whether or not the watertight doors were closed fully.
where are the bigs remains of glass of the dome of the Grand staircase, because the wood
disapears, the glass no!, where is... the statue of artemise, the big lamp of the Lounge of 1st class, the candelabre of the staircase of Deck D..why the rooms are empties...where are the clocks of the passagers, rings, baggages,funnels....
Sandro, this is speculation, but it's very likely that a lot of this stuff was simply blown out by hydrodynamic forces as the bow section plunged. Sinkings are hardly sedate but in fact are quite violent events.

As to the rooms, remember that most of them were made or at least panaled with wood, and a lot of that his disintigrated with time. What hasn't decayed...if it's still buried under debris.

charlotte .e. fleming

what i wanna know is, james cameron is he going back down to titanic and does anyone know when us ppl in th uk get the documentary the cameron did after the titanic its called return of the abbys or something like that
I thought Ghosts of the Abyss had already made it to the U.K. As to Cameron going back...well...I hope he does. If there are plans in the works though, they're not public knowladge yet.

João Ricardo Alves de Oliveira

One of my biggest questions is:
Will James go Back to the Titanic?
When? what will he do?
I Want a certain!
I would like to see the lounge;
R/W room
A La Carte Resturant
Smoking room (they probably didn't survive, but there were lots of stained glass windows in this room)
Andrew's stateroom would be awesome to explore, there could possibly be info on the Titanic still laying in the remnants of his room.
and the other two parlor suites.

If they could find these passengers rooms they would be awsme to explore;
J.J. Astor
Molly Brown
Benjamin Guggenheim
Lady Duff Gordon and Sir Cosmo
the Countess of Rothes
The Strausses
Marie Jerwan
and Ruth Becker
Probably alot to ask though.
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Matt expressed interest in:

The lounge;

This area has been flattened by the effects of the sinking. The boat decking rests on the A-deck, which also slopes sharply toward the boiler rooms at the aft end of the bow section. Many components from this room, from the fireplace mantle statue, to pieces of windows and wall sconces, are scattered in the debris field.

R/W room

Only the forward alcove of this room remains, and it appears as if the boat deck room has collapsed down into this alcove. Perhaps an ROV could be used to peek in to see what might be visible in this small space.

A La Carte Resturant - a dicey venture. Much of the stern in this area has severe structural damage and

Smoking room (they probably didn't survive, but there were lots of stained glass windows in this room)

This room was destroyed in the sinking. Pieces of the room are scattered around the stern section and in the debris field, including remnants of stained glass windows, red and blue floor tiles, wall sconces, heater grills and light fixtures.

Andrew's stateroom would be awesome to explore, there could possibly be info on the Titanic still laying in the remnants of his room.

His room was destroyed in the breakup.

If they could find these passengers rooms they would be awesome to explore;

J.J. Astor -
difficult to say if their cabin is accessible. It is close to the breakup and pancaked deck area

Molly Brown -
last I understood, it was not entirely known what cabin she occupied.

Benjamin Guggenheim -
this area of the wreck is no longer intact.

Lady Duff Gordon and Sir Cosmo -
the forward A-deck cabin remnants were explored by James Cameron and crew in 2001.

the Countess of Rothes -
C-deck forward 1st class wasn't really explored in 2001, and since the Countess' cabin was located just forward of the GSC, this is a likely a viable room to check with an ROV. The general area of her cabin was glimpsed by the ROVs in the expedition. Brass beds were spotted in this vicinity.

The Strauses -
this part of the ship was briefly looked at - the deck at this point begins to collapse, but Cameron and crew got close to the area near their sitting room, and the purser's office just forward of the Straus cabin.

Marie Jerwan -
like the Becker's cabin, Jerwan's nearby cabin within the stern is located where there is severe structural damage.

and Ruth Becker -
the stern is a tangled mass of broken decking and debris - the shell plating in this area bends far away from the hull.
The interesting thing about the Lounge is that the deck over the forward starboard corner has disappeared in recent years. There's a jumble of...something...there, not sure if it's the remains of the collapsed deck or the contents inside. It might be worth a closer look if an ROV is already back in that area and can be easily diverted for a few minutes; otherwise, there's not enough potential return to dedicate part of a dive exploring this.

The deck over the R&WR alcove has completely fallen inward. The arch of the forward window can be seen and there is some "white" picked up by the camera's lights...whether this is something reflecting the light or simply white-painted is unknown. The alcove itself is's everything aft of the alcove that slopes away toward BR#2. It is possible that some of the panelling on the starboard wall of the alcove might have is here that the "white" has been glimpsed. One of the leaded (emphasis on "leaded") round window frames from the alcove can be glimpsed through a corrosion hole in the deck farther aft on the "slope." I expect that the alcove will be explored during this summer's expedition.

There are lots of things in the structures around the base of the #2 funnel that bear closer examination, too, including a very unusual electrical fixture of unknown function.

Parks, sorry to disappoint you, but given what was shown in Return to Titanic on the NGC in June last year, the avcove is flattened. It's very esy to tell from seeingthe shape of the deck where the tipped over davit for LB 8 is. My guess is the height may be no more than a few feet spacing between the two collapsed decks.

Yeah, the Smoking Room on the stern would be nice to explore, though not much will be identifiable. Hmm, in looking at Roy Mengot's wreck model, one area to probably look at is the library on the starboard side, where the second class open promanade was on C deck. I would also like to se a closer look at that wagon wheel chandelier that is stuck in the crumbled walls near the mast.

Another good morph scene to try out would be the enterance house on the boat deck of the stern. It's the only recognizable feature to identify the boat deck, aside from the davit on the port side. There's a small staircase inside that structure that may be accessible, or the elevator shaft.

There may be points of entry on port side where the hull has peeled out (in Roy's model it's the area where D deck has a notch cut into it from implossion. The decks here, that used to site under the aft well deck are intact and if explored who knows what might be found. There's a clean space here to land on so sending an ROV inside would be cool