The Ruined Toff: One Way Third Class Fare + a Shilling

May 1, 2004
Pacifique du Nord
In Beesley's book, he recounts seeing a young gentleman who always stood apart from other Third Class passengers. He reckoned this was the ruined son from a good family. Has anyone ever been able to identify who this was?
May 3, 2005
This is a bit off topic but just something I noticed in a photo of a group of persons standing around on what I assume was part of a promenade deck for steerage passengers.
Although I am very skeptical of this "time traveler" thing, there is one youngish looking man who - again this is just my observation and opinion - he looks more modern and appearance in looks and dress apparel than the rest of the group so that those who do believe in such things as "time travels and time and time travelers" who might conclude he was a "time traveler" who had " time traveled" back in time from - say 2012 for example - back to 1912. Perhaps just another weird and wacky idea of mine ! LOL
May 3, 2005
That is a rather embarassing question. (Red Face )
When I came across this photo I failed to make a note of where I found it.
It was a picture of a group of people standing around on what seems to be the poop deck of Titanic. They are dressed in coats which seem to indicate the weather was cold.
The person in question seems to be standing by himself near a capstan.
He looks younger and a bit taller than
most of the men and is wearing a. longer overcoat than the others.
The coat and cap appear to be more modern and much lighter in color than the others.
That's why he appeared to stand out from the others IMO.
Of course that could be a description of the " ruined son. "

If someone knows where that photo, I would be interested in knowing where to relocate it.
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